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Credits is a highly configurable plugin for displaying credits for DokuWiki plugins. Using the configuration manager, all of the CSS settings can be changed, as well as the title (Plugins) and subtitle (Credits) strings.

The syntax is one of the following:

  • <<CREDITS:>>
  • <<CREDITS:nodesc>>
  • <<CREDITS:user_defined_function>>

The first form will use the default rendering, subject to any changes in settings made in the Configuration Manager.

The second form will turn off the printing of the plugin Phuket property descriptions. This is the desc field returned by the plugin's getInfo() method. The descriptions can also be turned off in the Configuration Manager.

The third form will invoke a user-defined function for formatting the the output. There is a sample user-defined function in the syntax.php file:

  • function alt_credits(&$renderer,$info)

$info has access to all of the fields returned by the getInfo() function of each plugin; alt_credits() will print out the following information for each plugin on your system:

User Manager
author: John Smith
email: chris@abcom
date: 2005-11-24
name: User Manager
desc: Manage users


Download at:


Sample Credits Page: Credits

Sample Credits Page: Credits-No descriptions

The default credits page displays the plugin name and author (as email link). When running mouse cursor over the author, the year of the plugin is displayed in a tooltip. In the cases of plugin descriptions which are too long for a single line, the description will be truncated and an arrow placed at the end of the line. Running the mouse cursor over the author or over the the arrow will cause the rest of the description to appear below the truncated description line.

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