DokuWiki Plugins


A WYSIWYG editor based on the CKEditor. For extensive documentation, see the ckgedit plugin page and its sub-pages on

This plugin supercedes fckgLite.

Download: ckgedit at github



Ckgdoku is a version of ckgedit which enables users to switch between ckgedit's media and file browsers and DokuWiki's media manager and linkwiz.The ckgdoku functionality is now included in ckgedit.


This plugin keeps track of page, geo-location, browser, operating system, and IP accesses. Quickstats is set up to work right out of the box in its initial installation. It does not use a database back-end and because of this may not be usable for high-volume sites.
Its results can be viewed from within Dokuwiki pages, using the quickstats syntax set. But, in addition, it comes with an administration panel capable of detailed queries. For complete information, see its plugin page at


epub is a plugin for creating EBooks from Dokuwiki pages; they are read in standard ebook readers. EPUB is an open specification for digital books based on XML, CSS, and XHTML; EPUB files can be read on portable e-ink devices, mobile phones, and desktop computers.

Unlike pdf files which have a standardized output, epub output is e-reader dependent, much like web pages, to which they are directly related. An epub page is XHTML with CSS styling. Ebooks can be collected in an e-reader's library of e-books and consulted off-line, making them always available.

There are two versions for download:

  1. For current versions of Dowkuwiki (2012-01-25 and later):
  2. For earlier versions see:
    epub plugin page on


This plugin creates an RSS2 news feed from Dokuwiki pages that can be read in a standard news reader. It represents its news items rendered from Dokuwiki pages as HTML and should display images and media links correctly.


textinsert is a macro substitution plugin. It provides an administrative panel where you enter macro names and their substitution texts. You can save individual words, and strings of text, including lengthy paragraphs. The substitutions accept html, quotation marks and other punctuation. The macro names can accept spaces, dots, underscores and hyphens.


This plugin facilitates renaming (i.e. moving) pages, saving as (i.e. saving a page under a new name without deleting the original), and creating new pages from templates.

Virtual Keyboard Plugin for Dokuwiki

The virtual keyboard plugin is based on the Javascript implementation from greywyvern. As of this writing, it accesses 89 keyboard layouts, including symbols and dingbats, along with a huge selection of world languages.

For download and instructions see: vkeyboard


htmlOKay is a plugin for DokuWiki that enables administrators to assign selective permissions to users and groups for the use of HTML on DokuWiki pages. This replaces DokuWiki's native system for HTML use, whereby either all users or no users have access to HTML in their pages. See the htmlOkay wiki for a description of the plugin and examples of its use.


Dwcommits is a Dokuwiki plugin that creates searchable databases of git/gitHub repositories with facilities for updating both the gits and the databases and displaying the results of queries made against the databases. It consists of both an adminstation plugin and a syntax plugin. Queries can be made in the administartion module but can be given more permanent form in the wiki pages through the use of the syntax plugin. The syntax plugin can be configured so that it automatically updates whenever the database is updated in the adminstation panel.

There is a sample page on this site: :git:dokuwiki.

  • The most up-to-date distributions will be found on github.


Credits is a small but feature-rich plugin for DokuWiki that creates a list of the plugins on a DokuWiki site, giving names, dates, and descriptions. See the credits_desc page for a full an illustration.


This plugin has a toolbar icon which pops up a window with which you design a box that can hold both text and images. You can select border styles and colors, font, text color and box color, the width of the box in percentages, and the position of the box on the page. The 1px gray boxes on this page were created with the block plugin.


A Dokuwiki plugin for creating documented and cross-referenced code.

For documentation, see the README file and the plugin page at


This plugin installs the the toolbar button shown at the left. When clicked it outputs a formatted number string. This number is unique and next in sequence. The plugin can be used in multi-user wikis.

In addition to the unique number, the output string can include images, text and date. All of this is controlled by configuration options set in the Configuration Manager. The default output is as follows:

Number: 00001003 –//2013/03/18 09:40//

  • For details go to the Dokuwiki plugin page by clicking on the numbering link in the sidebar at the left.

Special Character Picker Add-on

Use this plugin to add characters to the Special Chars picker or to delete unused characters from the picker. Enter the characters in the configuration manager, in either the add or delete box, as a comma delimited list. For instance: Ж,ж,♭,♞.


An alternative CAPTCHA plugin for new registrants. New users are required to supply a valid email address to which a link is sent for completing the registration. For more details on the types of CAPTCHAs and configuration, see the plugin page at


This plugin enables administrators to customize the toolbar by deleting unwanted toolbar items. This is done through the Configuration Settings under Admin.


This plugin will do a search and replace on up to four strings set in the Configuration Manager. It works transparently in the background. When the user opens the file in the editor, the new string is in place. When the file is saved the replacement becomes permanent.


A small Dokuwiki plugin for converting text to serif font, using a convenient simple syntax:

  • $$text$$
  • $<n>$text$$

The first form will convert text to serif, the second form will convert text to serif at a size of n points.


This small plugin prevents anyone except registered users from accessing the sitemap:


dwedit gives direct access to the native Dokuwiki editor for users of ckgedit. For this purpose it adds an new icon to the right-hand toolbar of the dokuwiki template. It was orignally written by Kamil Demecki for use with fckg (fckgLite) and that version is included on the fckg plugin page. It loads the whole page into the editor. if you want section editing then you still have to switch over to the Dokuwiki editor from within the ckgedit editing interface. However, in current versions of ckgedit, double clicking on a section will open that section in the Dokuwiki editor.

The github version has been updated. It includes a modified icon based on the Dokuwiki template icon and adds a check to make sure that ckgedit is in use. It also has a feature which enables placing a link anywhere on your template. This is explained on the ckgedit plugin page:

download from github: dwedit


The functionality of this plugin, placing a captcha on the login screen, is now handled by the captcha plugin


This plugin enables the users to insert both fixed and updatable snippets into their pages. If a snippet is marked for being updated, whenever the snippet changes, the changes will be reflected in all the pages where it has been inserted.

Download: github: Updatable-Snippets-for-Dokuwiki


Restricts logins to designated IP addresses.

Download: github: abortlogin


Using Firefox, it is possible to copy an RStudio page and paste it into ckgedit's editing window, and it can then be saved as a Dokluwiki file. In order to copy the RStudio code blocks without error, it is necessary to remove any internal formatting that occurs inside the RStudio code blocks. This is done by clicking the ckgedit's select-all tool and then clicking the unformat tool. The page and its diagrams will then save correctly. See the following video:

Howewever, the RStudio code will not have highlighting. That is the purpose of this plugin. Before saving, at the top of the RStudio page, enter the following macro: ~~R_STUDIO~~. After the page is saved consider removing the macro to prevent unnecessary processing. This plugin also fixes a code block copy error where ckgedit begins a block with

<code rsplus> but ends it with < /file>


You can copy this link and use the dokuwiki extension manager's manual install tab, or else install the plugin manually.


This plugin creates monospaced text without processing entities.

This plugin creates a floating window at the template level that can be toggled open and closed and into which navigation plugins (or any other pages) can be inserted. It can be configured for multiple namespaces, each with its own overlay.


Create the table of contents for any wiki page in either a sidebar or in a wiki page. In one of the two versions the TOC can be set to update to the current page automatically or to load the TOC from a page entered into a selection box. In the second version, the TOC loads from a page selected from the selection box and when in a sidebar, this TOC remains in place until a new page is selected. Both versions output an index from which pages can be selected.

Download: github: tocselect


External URL Check

Checks to see if external urls are valid. It replaces the gray external link icons with a green globe for valid links and red ones for broken links.



Adopted from Jason Grout's original newpagetemplate plugin, this version updates the newpagetmplate plugin to handle all of Dokuwiki's Events for Templates, COMMON_PAGE_FROMTEMPLATE (implemented 2010-03-10), COMMON_PAGETPL_LOAD, which replaces the latter (2011-02-03), and the original HTML_PAGE_FROMTEMPLATE, making it compatible with both current and earlier versions of Dokuwiki.

For manual installation: github;


A utility plugin that adds an extra field to the login screen. Requires some programing skills to handle the data held in the new input field: See comments and header to handle_act_preprocess function in action.php

Download: github


This plugin converts Dokuwiki headers into toggles which open and close the sections immediately below them. The header levels to be toggled can be set in the configuration options. Most useful for tablets and phones that have limited space for display.

Download: github


With this plugin users can conveniently communicate with DokuWiki's xmlrpc library.The user can then communicate and exchange data between the local wiki and a remote wiki. It can communicate with any DokuWiki; this includes the one which you are currently logged into. The xmlrpc library exposes many of the back-end elements of the wiki which may be of use in management.

Download: github


This plugin enables you to modify the Dokuwiki template based on IP address, ACL level of the user, and day of the week. The wiki logo (image), tagline, and the wiki name can be rotated by day or changed based on the IP address of the user. The links and buttons at top 1) and side 2) of the template can be changed based on the ACL level of the user. It can also install a toggle to open and close the sidebar.

Some rationales
Being able to make these kinds of changes based on IP address makes it possible to run a site which caters to more than one entity and to give each one its own tools, logo, etc. Changing by date makes it possible to freshen the appearance of a page for repeat visitors. The ability to restrict the kinds of tools users have access to can have use for sites that want to fine-tune access.

Download: github


This plugin creates scrollable annotation blocks that open and close beneath the text being annotated. They can contain most DokuWiki markup.



Enables setting of CSS on a per page, per section basis


A WYSIWYG editor for Dokuwiki

fckgLite is a Javascript implementation of the FCKeditor. It saves its files as DokuWiki markup and supports as wide a range of Dokuwiki syntax as is compatible with the FCKeditor, which is almost the complete syntax with a few minor exceptions.

Now deprecated in favor of ckgedit. No longer supported.

Dokuwiki Templates, Utilities. . .


This is a javascript implementation of the SafeFN class used in Dokuwiki.

Simple-Sidebar Template

Simple-Sidebar is the template which is used for the fckgLite web site. A simple left-hand side bar which is based on the original default DokuWiki template. The side bar width is controlled by changing the width of the main page. See the plugin page on for instructions.

DokuWiki Events

  • Event Handlers: Description of the DokuWiki event system and how to use it.
  • Sample Code: Code examples of event handlers and their possible uses.
  • Some Sample Event Objects: This page prints out a number of event objects, to illustrate the nature of their contents.

ckgedit and fckgLite Examples

Examples of using plugins and features of fckgLite and ckgedit: examples

XML_Pullparser and eXcavator

See: xml

Site tools
Page tools

User Tools