Using Wrap Plugin

These work in either fckgLite or ckgedit

//round box 570px center //

  • box creates a box around the container and uses the colours from the template's style.ini as default colours (background_alt and text)
  • any of the classes info, tip, important, alert, help, download, todo will add a special note container with a corresponding icon
  • the classes danger, warning, caution, notice, safety use safety colours (and no icons)
  • round can be added to anything with a background colour or a border and will only work in modern browsers (no Internet Explorer)

//Info //

<WRAP info></WRAP>


//Tip //

<WRAP tip></WRAP>

//Important //

<WRAP important></WRAP>

//Alert //<WRAP alert></WRAP>

//Help //<WRAP round help ></WRAP>

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