DokuwikiFCK is no longer being supported.
It has been superceded by fckgLite and ckgedit.
All questions, bug fixes, and feature requests should go through the mailing list. To subscribe to the list, do one of the following:

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fckgLite is a Javascript implementation of the FCKeditor for DokuWiki. It is “Lite” only historically, from a time when it was being developed as an experimental alternative to DokuWikiFCK, which is no longer available. Every effort is made to keep current with the latest upgrades to Dokuwiki.

While fckgLite has a great many aspects, its main function is to convert the HTML entered into the FCKeditor into native Dokuwiki markup and to save that to the server.


fckgLite is no longer being maintained. Current usage is the ckgedit plugin.


fckgLite has been superceded by ckgedit, which upgrades from the FCKEditor to the more modern CKEditor. Much of what is found in this wiki is applicable to ckgedit, but for more complete information about ckgedit, see the ckgedit plugin pages on


Users of IE11 must use ckgedit. Also see the ckgedit plugin page on

Installing and Upgrading

The current version of fckgLite can be installed using the plugin manager or manually. Versions prior to November 24th 2011 must be installed manually. For detailed instructions on how to install manually, see Dokuwiki's manual_instructions page. For more about using the plugin manager, you can look at the auto install page, which explains how this works. The issues with use of the plugin manager are primarily directed at *nix systems but Windows users may want to consult the auto install page to see how the auto install feature might be used on Windows servers.

Important Caution
If you are using a version of Dokuwiki dated before April 2011 (Anteater or earlier), do not use the plugin manager's deletion function when upgrading to a new version of fckgLite. It will delete the media directory.

:!: Note: While this was supposed to be fixed with Rincewind, I have found that deleting fckgLite on Ubuntu with Rincewind still deletes the media directory.

Browser Compatibility

Users of Firefox 6 and IE 9 require fckgLite version 06 or later. Also, users of IE 9+ require IE compatibility adjustments. See the document on browser compatibility.

Users of IE 10 require a version of fckgLite dated March 7 2013 or later.

For use with the dokuwiki template, introduced with Adora Belle see: ie10.

Installing the Filebrowser

On most *nix and Windows systems the filebrowser installs automatically. In the event of problems, the following pages will be of help:

The new dokuwiki template

If you are not using the “dokuwiki” template, initiated with Adora Belle, you might want to change the styleseet for the fckgLite editor. See :configuration. You may also need compatibility adjustments for IE9+. See the document on browser compatibility.

Using an alternate savedir setting

If you change the default savedir configuration setting, you will need the savedir branch of fckgLite.The setup for this branch is described on the ckgedit plugin page: alternate_save_directory.

In ckgedit, you must create symlinks from fckeditor/userfiles to the media directory in the moved directory. This is true for both linux and Windows installations. (see: auto_install)


Version 8

This is the last version of fckgLite. It can be downloaded from github. In addtion to the dcoumentation on this site, you can also consult the fckg plugin page at


Acknowledgment Button

If you would like to acknowledge fckgLite on your wiki, add the following button in your Dokuwiki footer:

You can download it with the appropriate HTML in this zip file: You can see it in action at the bottom of this page. The footer is in the file footer.html in your template directory.

There is a similar button for ckgedit:

It can be downloaded using the following zip file:


There is now a copy of the most important pages of this web site available both as an ebook as well as in PDF format. See the ebook page.


fckgLite is copyright under the GPL version 2 license.

See for the full text of the license.

For a concise statement of what this license entails read

For frequently asked questions about the license, see