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Old Nested Lists Buttons

Nested Ordered Lists

fckgLite has a facility for nesting numbered lists. This is its tool bar icon:

How To:

First start your numbered list. When you want to nest a second list, place your cursor at the end of the current list item and click the nesting icon:

  1. list item
  2. current list item[cursor here]
    1. nesting
    2. nesting[cursor]
      1. another level
      2. another item
  3. back to top

When starting a nested list, the editor will insert an extra line after the new item number. Adjust the line-spacing and move your cursor to the start of the nested list. Begin typing. When you are finished with the nested list, hit the Enter key twice to get you back to the previous level. Again you may get an extra line between the nested list and the new item of the previous list. Simply delete it.

It can sometime become confusing to the parser if you include bold letters in these nested lists and then remove them.

Nested Unordered Lists

As of versions beginning Apr 24, there is a nested unordered list facility. It is handled the same as the nested ordered list. Its icon is: