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Editing a Plugin

For this demonstration we will use the tag plugin.

If you enter:

{{tag>books cds videos}}

After the page is saved and re-opened, you will see:

{ {tag>books cds videos} }

Notice the spaces between the brackets. Simply leave this as is and when you save the page again, the correct syntax will be restored.

If you want to add more tags, close up the spaces between the brackets, and add the new tags:

{{tag>books cds videos songs}}

Or, if you are using more complex syntax, edit the syntax in the plugin editor.

  1. Highlight the plugin syntax
  2. Click on the plugin tool (see the features page)
  3. Check the box labeled “edit a syntax plugin”
  4. Make your changes.

The plugin editor is not infallible; there are just too many plugins with too many syntactical variations. So when editing complex plugin syntax, you should always check to make sure the edited syntax is correct.