DokuwikiFCK is no longer being supported.
It has been superceded by fckgLite and ckgedit.
All questions, bug fixes, and feature requests should go through the mailing list. To subscribe to the list, do one of the following:

1. Send an email to with 'subscribe' in the Subject field
2. Visit the fckgLite page at
3. Or click the subscribe link below


fckgLite version 6

With the upgrade to fckgLite 6, there will be only a single version of fckgLite, based on fckgLiteSafe. fckgLiteSafe will no longer be updated. fckgLite 6is designed to be compatible with post-Rincewind versions of Dokuwiki which use JQuery for the internal Dokuwiki implementation of Javascript. However, fckgLite 6is backwardly compatible with earlier versions of Dokuwiki.

Upgrades and new Features

File Browser Enhancements

Link Dialog

  • Implemented facility for handlng query strings with internal links; supports addition of this feature to Anteater.
  • Added anchor faciliity with drop-down menu of headings from the current file which can be selected an inserted as anchors.
  • Removed '.txt' extensions from file browser display of internal link file names
  • Added support for the revision to Dokuwiki's safe encoding algorithm and added checks for detecting whether or not an installation of fckgLite is using the upgrade

Image Dialog

  • Added image viewing to file browser Image selection window. and excluded non-image files from file browser display of Images.
  • Added automatic display of thumbnails in image file browser and a magnify
    window to view images enlarged.
  • Added an insert button to the magnify image window.


  • Added file move facility to filebrowser.
  • File browser now respects ACL_AUTH 0, and hides files and directories for which user does not have permission
  • upgraded handling of wildcards (%USER%) to Anteater.
  • Stricter security in handling of internal links, consistent with version 05 of fckgLiteSafe.

New Toolbar Items and Short-Cut Keys

  • Virtual keyboard based on Virtual Keyboard Interface Script from GreyWyvern. Enables data entry in (currently) 86 language character sets
  • Font Tool which enables setting of font family, size, weight, color
  • Short-cut keys: ALT+- for creating new ordered list; ALT+* for creating new unordered list. The mnemonics are the Dokuwiki editor's codes for ordered and unordered lists.

Two New Configuration Options

  • dwedit_ns enables the admininstrator to designate namespaces where the FCKeditor will not be active
  • auth_ci if true sets username checks to be case insensitive


  • Improved handling of Dokuwiki markup characters that become corrupted when interracting with the FCKeditor, particularly when these appear in syntax plugins. See the Changes for 11 October and 27-28 December 2010; also see the faq.
  • Added support for Dokuwiki's nowiki tag.
  • Improved security scheme for the file browser. See the discussions of security and of moving files. Also, the change log.
  • Unfortunately, there has been a downgrade of the font tool, because of a change in Firefox 6, so that now it is not possible to overlay Dokuwiki formatting on top of font selections.


'safe' encoding was implemented in Dokuwiki's Anteater distribution, dated 2010-11-07.
A bug was found in that implementation which affected Windows users and was
corrected in Rincewind (2011-05-25). On an upgrade from Anteater to Rincewind,
Rincewind automatically corrects the file system for compatibility with the corrected format.

This distribution of fckgLite employs the corrected implementation of 'safe' encoding.

If you are using 'safe' encoding and are still using Anteater, you have two choices.
1. You can upgrade to Rincewind or later.
2. You can revert to the Anteater implementation of safe encoding.
Included in the fckg directory of this distribution is a file named revert.tgz
Go to the fckg directory and unpack this file:
tar -xzf revert.tgz

You must do this with every new install of fckgLite (or fckgLiteSafe) until
you upgrade Dokuwiki to Rincewind or later.