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covered here; those which need little explanation can be found on the DokuWikiFCK [[http://www.mturner.... t ==== Images and the text which surrounds them can be aligned using the “Image properties” dialogue ... image toolbar icon. {{ :image.gif?21x21 }}You can also bring up this dialogue by right-clicking on ... tomatically left-align. With left alignment, you can create a horizontal row of images. {{:image.gif
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by the media manager; in addition, internal links can be set from a pop-up menu attached to the interna... ng?377x287 }} Leaving the Link Type as URL, you can choose either http or https from the Protocol men... n the case of email links, similar to URL 's, you can type the address directly into the editor, using ... Adobe Flash === <news: Adobe Flash Support> You can load files with the .swf extension directly from
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rue| | |**2.** |[[#conf_1|guest_media]] Guest Can Link to Media Files|true| | |**3.** |[[#conf_1|open_upload]] Guests can upload|false| | |**4.** |[[#conf_4|xcl_plugin... to implement a completely open wiki, where anyone can edit and upload.(See below “What is a guest?”) ... d Source. If the toolbar is allowed and “Guests can Upload” is false, then visitors will not be able
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capes code-blocks geshi smileys spacing}} \\ You can change the position of a toolbar item or remove a... insertHTMLCode**: adapted for footnote editor You can remove an item by removing it from the list. ===... ts|features]] page. ===== Smileys ===== Smileys can be created with either the FCKeditor's smiley too... smileys cannot be aligned, but FCKeditor smileys can. This is a smiley selected from the FCKeditor sm
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lid type specified: ',\\ FolderMoveWarning: 'You can only move files to a folder one level below the c... Headings button, select the header, click OK. You can go back, select a new page and get new headers.",... e will '+\\ 'appear in the editing box, where you can then edit it.<br /> When you are finished editing... t, its colors, and its size.'+\\ '<br /><br />You can also update the plugin syntax in place. To do th
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edia directory. In Windows (Vista and later) you can make symbolic links using the mklink command from the command propmpt window. In Windows, you can also make symlinks to shares using that same mkli... s configuration, Windows users in Vista and later can create symlinks use the command line tool named m... led 'junctions' for the unix symbolic links. You can find out more about this configuration from the d
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milar to the one in fckgLite. But footnotes still can also be created using the native Dokuwiki syntax,... ont styling. That is, it opens a window where you can see what the current styling looks like and lets you make changes that can be inserted into the editor. For illustrations, s... . If you are using an earlier version of PHP, you can substitute the edit.php file found in this file —
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Upgrading ===== The current version of fckgLite can be installed using the plugin manager or manually... age. For more about using the plugin manager, you can look at the [[:docs:auto_install|auto install]] p... 8 ==== This is the last version of fckgLite. It can be downloaded from [[ In addtion to the dcoumentation on this site, you can also consult the [[
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ests |true | |[[#guest_media|guest_media]] |Guest Can Link to Media Files |true | |[[#open_upload|open_upload]] |Guests can upload |false | |[[#default_fb|default_fb]] |Defa... to implement a completely open wiki, where anyone can edit and upload. ---- === guest_media === If “... _upload === If the toolbar is allowed and “Guests can Upload” is false, then visitors will not be able
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directory: /fckg/fckeditor/editor/lang * You can use this file as your template and over-write the... : "<b>Note:</b> The DokuWiki Mediamangager can be used only for uploading. It cannot insert ima... xt contexts as illustrated in the preview box. It can also be used to align images with respect to one ... nvalid type specified: ', FolderMoveWarning: 'You can only move files to a folder one level below the c
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ugins now keep their HTML formats and (2) they can be edited in the plugin tool's editor, either the... FCKeditor, tied into syntax plugin font.php. User can set font, size, weight with plugin and edit these features. The plugin's text can be edited in situ. edit.php parser has been upgra... ep** * Fixes for updated font tool. Fonts can no longer take DW text formatting. \\ **26 Oct
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ernal Link ====== {{tag>links}} The internal lnk can be converted both before and after a page has bee... s on the page are separate from one another. You can always edit the text and the underlyng link will not change. Similarly, you can type in a text for your link, select it with your
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But versions of fckgLite, as of November 24 2011, can be installed using the Dokuwiki Plugin Manager. ... failure. You then have two choices: - You can install manually - You can create the symbolic links your self. You will have to create four sym
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open browsing and the creating of folders.)), it can be converted into a completely open installation,... port for nested code markup; that is, code markup can be included in a file block and vice versa * ... ace. **2.** Internal word and number characters can now be marked with formatting character without o
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down menu of headings from the current file which can be selected an inserted as anchors. * Removed... l using Anteater, you have two choices.\\ 1. You can upgrade to Rincewind or later.\\ 2. You can revert to the Anteater implementation of safe encoding.
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