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lid type specified: ',\\ FolderMoveWarning: 'You can only move files to a folder one level below the c... Headings button, select the header, click OK. You can go back, select a new page and get new headers.",... e will '+\\ 'appear in the editing box, where you can then edit it.<br /> When you are finished editing... t, its colors, and its size.'+\\ '<br /><br />You can also update the plugin syntax in place. To do th
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ests |true | |[[#guest_media|guest_media]] |Guest Can Link to Media Files |true | |[[#open_upload|open_upload]] |Guests can upload |false | |[[#default_fb|default_fb]] |Defa... to implement a completely open wiki, where anyone can edit and upload. ---- === guest_media === If “... _upload === If the toolbar is allowed and “Guests can Upload” is false, then visitors will not be able