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by the media manager; in addition, internal links can be set from a pop-up menu attached to the interna... ng?377x287 }} Leaving the Link Type as URL, you can choose either http or https from the Protocol men... n the case of email links, similar to URL 's, you can type the address directly into the editor, using ... Adobe Flash === <news: Adobe Flash Support> You can load files with the .swf extension directly from
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edia directory. In Windows (Vista and later) you can make symbolic links using the mklink command from the command propmpt window. In Windows, you can also make symlinks to shares using that same mkli... s configuration, Windows users in Vista and later can create symlinks use the command line tool named m... led 'junctions' for the unix symbolic links. You can find out more about this configuration from the d
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Upgrading ===== The current version of fckgLite can be installed using the plugin manager or manually... age. For more about using the plugin manager, you can look at the [[:docs:auto_install|auto install]] p... 8 ==== This is the last version of fckgLite. It can be downloaded from [[ In addtion to the dcoumentation on this site, you can also consult the [[
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milar to the one in fckgLite. But footnotes still can also be created using the native Dokuwiki syntax,... ont styling. That is, it opens a window where you can see what the current styling looks like and lets you make changes that can be inserted into the editor. For illustrations, s... . If you are using an earlier version of PHP, you can substitute the edit.php file found in this file —