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er Image selection window. and excluded non-image files from file browser display of Images. * Added ... * File browser now respects ACL_AUTH 0, and hides files and directories for which user does not have perm... media_directory|security]] and of [[:media#moving_files|moving ]] files. Also, the [[:fckl_changes_2011#february_2011|change log]]. * Unfortunately, there
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s to the file browser. - Facility to delete files from the file browser dialog. - Improved algo... Fixed bug which mistook internal links for media files when the internal links had dot in file name, e.
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o that the web server has write permission to the files and directories of the fckgLite plugin. ~~COMPL... red at [[|Sourceforge]]. ====
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efore over-writing it. There are two definition files in the action/entities: and fcked-ent