DokuwikiFCK is no longer being supported.
It has been superceded by fckgLite and ckgedit.
All questions, bug fixes, and feature requests should go through the mailing list. To subscribe to the list, do one of the following:

1. Send an email to with 'subscribe' in the Subject field
2. Visit the fckgLite page at
3. Or click the subscribe link below


fckgLite is a Javascript implementation of the FCKeditor for DokuWiki. It is “Lite” only historically, from a time when it was being developed as an experimental alternative to DokuWikiFCK, which is no longer being actively maintained .1) Every effort is made to keep current with the latest upgrades to Dokuwiki.

fckgLite attempts to support all DokuWiki markup with the exception of php and email-style comments. While fckgLite has a great many aspects, its main function is to convert the HTML entered into the FCKeditor into native Dokuwiki markup and to save that to the server.