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Spellchecker for windows pre-Feb 2010

On Windows systems, you have to make two basic changes.

1. You have to download the aspell binary from and then download and install your required language file(s).

2. Open fckg/fckeditor/editor/dialog/fck_spellerpages/spellerpages/server-scripts/spellchecker.php and at the top of the file comment out:

$aspell_prog    = 'aspell';    // by FredCK (for Linux)

and uncomment:

// $aspell_prog = '"C:\\Program Files\\Aspell\\bin\\aspell.exe"';

So you will now have:

// $aspell_prog  = 'aspell';  // by FredCK (for Linux)
$aspell_prog  = '"C:\\Program Files\\Aspell\\bin\\aspell.exe"';

C:\Program Files\Aspell\bin\aspell.exe is the default location for the aspell binary on Windows, but if yours is in a different location you must change the path. Make sure that you use the exact punctuation: the path in double quotes surrounded by single quotes.

If you want to be able to select from a list of languages, then you make a change to a second file: fckg\fckeditor\aspell.php. At approximately line 72 you have to add the windows binary to the function call. So change

exec("aspell dump dicts", $dicts,$retv);


$aspell_prog= '"C:\\Program Files\\Aspell\\bin\\aspell.exe"'; 
exec("$aspell_prog dump dicts", $dicts,$retv);

Then you will be able to click on the language button and make a language selection from the languages installed on your system.