DokuwikiFCK is no longer being supported.
It has been superceded by fckgLite and ckgedit.
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Change Log for fckgLite

October 2009

01 Oct

  1. Temporary fix to security in media and link tools, preventing any user access to toolbarwho is not a registered user. In edit.php fckg_edit_meta: returns if non-user, so that editor doesn't load.
  2. Fixed security hole in media and link tools - Added new configuration options to conf/metadata.php: guest_toolbar and guest_media.These work in conjunction with two new toolbars are defined in fckconfig.js,DokuwikiNoGuest and DokuwikiGuest for non_registered users:
    1. guest_toolbar == 0: DokuwikiNoGuest
    2. guest_media == 1: DokuwikiGuest
  3. Defined two new user types in registerOnLoad() of fckg/helper.php: visitor and user; the appropriate type is assigned to the FCKeditor's editorInstance in the Javascript function FCKeditor_OnComplete() which is written to the browser from registerOnLoad(). This makes the distinction between a visitor and a registered user available to FCKeditor, so that the upload facilities can be turned off for visitors in the link and media tools.
    1. This feature required modifications to fckeditor/editor/filemanager/browser/default:browser.html, frmcreatefolder.html, frmupload.htm
    2. and to fckeditor/editor/dialog: fck_image/fck_image.js and fck_link/fck_link.js

05 Oct

  • Added Support for Samba Shares (fckeditor/dialog/fck_link.html, fckeditor/dialog/fck_link/fck_link.js,

06 Oct

  • Added Fit Window tool to toolbar.

07 Oct

  • fck_editorarea.css: th { font-weight: bold; }

18 Oct

  • Added configuration option 'open_upload', which defaults to false. Setting this to true allows non-registered users to upload files to the server. To implement this option, fckg/helper.php tests for $open_upload = $this→getConf('open_upload'); and if true, it assigns 'user' status to the guest, instead of 'visitor'.

25 Oct

  • Added Support for nesting ordered lists

27 Oct

  1. Fixed bug in image markup, adding initial ':' to namespace of images, otherwise when an image is in the top level directory it is not found by DW.
  2. Found CSSworkaround so that centered images are centered in the editor, with thanks to Larisa Thomason, Senior Web Analyst, NetMechanic, Inc.1)
  3. Created code for incorporating DW markup for positioning of images

28 Oct

  1. Simplified Link and Image Properties dialogues so that they show only those elementswhich apply to fckgLite.
  2. Fixed bug in fck_image.js so that left align gets a class='media' to erase previous class attributions, which would cause image to hold previous position
  3. Removed link markup from local images, so that they behave as expected when clicked,i.e. link originates from DokuWiki's detail.php script and points to page with image and image details

29 Oct

  • Re-wrote fallback code for loading of scripts in edit.php. In some instances theHTMLParser class wasn't being loaded in time(or at all?).

31 Oct

  • Removed mutliple colons which built up at start of local image names – inserted testto see if name started with colon (this had already been done for namespaces)

November 2009

1 Nov

  1. Fixed lost brackets enclosing Samba shares; lost when local_image var was implemented: required locl_image = false, when shares are identified and url's set
  2. Added new-line to start of lists, otherwise if they are preceded by text, they will not be treated as list items
  3. Removed new-line from end tag of markup, mainly in deference to IE , which adds compounded new-lines to bottoms of non-parsed blocks, when it finds a new-line at end of block. Now it adds one new-line in editor but when the text is parsed and saved this new-line is removed.

3 Nov

  1. Implemented support for geshi code blocks
  2. Variety of fixes in relation to spaces handling
  3. Fixed formatted links, so that formatting code no longer prints to screen when modifying link text

4 Nov

  1. Added check for INFO[userinfo] when checking for lock-timer group in edit.php, to avoid PHPwarning (when open wiki)
  2. Fixed broken tables (reported by Jean=Claude Rosenthal); caused by deletion of regex in chars: that deletes initial space and new-line characters, causing newlines to be inserted for each cell (pipe).
  3. Made changes to fckeditor/editor/filemanager/connectors/php/config.php which will give windows users easy access to the FCKeditor's file browser. Now recognition of Windows is automatic and the path to data/media is automatically set.

5 Nov

  1. Fixed path recognition for images fetched using Windows-style file manager with additional regex under attributes for img src in parse_wikitext function of edit.php.
  2. Added checkbox to browser window so that users can choose to select the windows style file manager. Required update to fckeditor's php connector: config.php
  3. Set “FCK Preview” button to style=“display:inline” so that it always appears
  4. Fixed column span for th cells.

8 Nov

  • Added spaces to right of image markup for image align = left

11 Nov

  1. Implemented a checkbox on FCK Preview Screen wich enables the Preview Button. It comesa warning that work can be lost.
  2. Reworked the FCKeditors' Table Cell dialog so that it attaches DW's centeralign, leftalign, and rightalign classes to the cells, so as to replicatle DW' alignment protocol.
  3. Fixed the cell alignment but still to do is cell alignment for colspans.

12 Nov

  1. Rewrote . ./filemanager/conncectors/php/config.php.
    1. The aim is to accommodate all systems with auto-detect while giving users opportunity to enter paths to data/media manually if needed
  2. Fixed config.php so that it recognizes difference between Darwin and Windows, i.e. so that stristr looking for WIN doesn't mistake Darwin for Windows

13 Nov

  • Fixed centering on table cells with colspan greater than 1. Note: each time a cell increases its span, the center align has to be reset.

15 Nov

  1. Implemented re-sizing of editor window helper.php and edit.php, replacing DW's size__ctrl div with fck_size_ctrl div in helper.php and adding js function to increase and decrease size via dwfck_size_ctl() in edit.php
  2. Implemented support for non-printable chars: * / < . They are escaped by applying italic to them.
  3. Added tool tips to smaller and larger buttons (for decreasing and increasing window size)
  4. Added smb icon to fckeditor images and smb CSSto fck_editorarea.css

16 Nov

  • 8:36 Removed autogrow plugin from FCKeditor, now that edit window is resizable. This also improves functioning of fit window tool, which no longer collapses to the autogrow maximum height.

20 Nov

  1. Implemented support for DokuWiki footnotes. Footnotes are indicated exactly as in DokuWiki, as text included between a set of double parentheses.
  2. 16:17 Fixed regex bug in IE , where it doesn't split correctly on underscore character when it is followed by a second underscore (treats both a single character instead of two).
  3. 17:04 Fixed bug which printed % escapes in code blocks
  4. 21:07 Conformed pre, pre.file,pre.code to DokuWiki's style sheet.

22 Nov

  1. 10:00 Fixed ommitted space after format characters (bold, italic, delete, underline).
  2. 17:58 Deleted space after < so that it can escape open angle bracket without placing a space after the bracket.
  3. Note:All basic formatting characters are followed by a space, which means that you can't apply them to an internal word character without opening a space between the characters that precede the format character and the character that follows: tex t

24 Nov

  1. Upgraded the plugin tool (syntax/dwplugin.php) so that it accomodates plugins with enclosed text as in <span>text< /span>
  2. Also fixed plugin tool to handle text from more than one instance on a page of the same plugin, otherwise text of last instance will overwrite all other instances.
  3. Add missing space after link markup [[ url]] by appending space to final set of brackets: ']] ' in the end markup array. Seemed simplest fix.
  4. Fixed bug which left beind empty url brackets after footnotes were edited during section editing. This is because the section places footnotes for the section at bottom of section page, and they are saved with the section save and appeared when the full page or section is re-loaded.

25 Nov

  • Removed space before punctuation when marking up urls (see 24 Nov 19:45)

26 Nov

  1. Added support for url nice re-writing for images
  2. Upgraded caching mechanism of syntax/dwplugin.php, which was preventing all files from being cached. The fix was to set a time limit on the files which use plugins, which is written to the file's meta file. Only files wich have a current filestamp in their meta files will not cache–this is required for dwplugin, since otherwise plugins with embedded text do not update.
  3. The punctuation fix for urls (Nov 25) would cause space to be removed if any of the text following a ]] had a punctuation character, so fixed the regex to seek only punctuation which immediately follows ]]. In chars()
  4. Removed %% characters from samba share names, when the link tool creates the name from the share. Not a problem when user gives share a name in advance, selects it, then opens link dialog.

27 Nov

  1. Improved FCKeditor plugin tool so that checkbox for removal removes plugin tags entirely instead of just removing title attribute. This leaves behind the text, including syntax markup with tildes, if any.
  2. Updated meta.php so that an edit button is not displayed when the user switches from FCK editing to dokuwiki editing, because saving in that context from a section edit, causes the document to be saved with data duplication. Instead, there is an Exit button with the tool tip indicating that the user must exit in order to swich editors. Also turned off the prieview checkbox for the DW edit mode.

28 Nov

  1. Added gone-missing CSSfor shares in editor area
  2. Added experimental dwplugins.php for auto stet plugin, which creates literals for all enclosed text between

<plugin title=“stet” >and</plugin>.

  1. Added checkbox selector to plugin dialog that enable users to select stet instead of having to type in, or even know, that the plugin name is stet.

29 Nov

  1. Accepted Stet plugin for distribution. Upgraded plugin tool dialog to clarify separation between Stet plugin and the plugin tool.
  2. Fixed bug where h4 header printed as h3
  3. Fixed bug where solitary % sign is deleted.
  4. Fixed deleted space after monospace (HTMLcode) markup

December 2009

1 Dec

  • Fixed conflict between handling of external images and external mime types, both of which use curly brackets

2 Dec

  • Tested footnotes against 2007 version of DW and made regular expression accommodation
  • Tested handling of external mime types against 2007 and also made accommodation

5 Dec

  • Limited support for Mulled Wine's rowspan feature. Specifically: Rowspans cannot be assigned to cells in two columns which have overlapping positions, That is, creating rowspans of cells 1-2 in column one and cells 2 to 3 in column two will lose cell 2 in column two. Rowspans can be stacked in a single column, e.g. cells 1-2, 3-4 of column 1. Compatible with colspans.

7 Dec

  1. Improvements to Link File Browser, now opens file browsers both for internal links, in DW's data directory, and for extra mime types (e.g. tgz, xls) which have been uploaded to media directory; and handles configuration of urls for these types.
  2. Applied Dokuwiki's file naming protocol to all uploads (lower case and spaces=underscore); previously only applied to images

9 Dec

  1. Added footnote editor, using name inertHTMLCode (adapted that plugin for this purpose)
  2. fixed Stet plugin to accept paragraph and line breaks (fixes both in fckeditor plugin files and in syntax/dwplugin.php

10 Dec

  • Updated plugin tool file accidentally left out of 9 Dec, so that fix for Stet plugin was not included. Included here in 10 Dec.

11 Dec

  1. Impelemented new protocol for handling of HTMLtags embedded in text. The problem has been that the FCKeditor processes as HTML anything that looks like a tag; if it doesn't recognize the tag, the tag is abandoned. So, it's necessary to escape ('disguise') the tags so that they aren't recognized. This version does two things with tags. If the tag is inside a regular text block, the opening angle bracket is placed in italics just before the file is loaded into the editor; when the file is saved the italics are removed. If the tag is inside a non-parsed-block, a space is placed after the opening tag and before the closing tag in the editor and removed when the file is saved. This protocol means that the DOkuwiki file remains in tact when saved; the escapes are visible only in the editor. Because Dokuwiki doesn't know about theses escapes, when it displays the page in the browser, the page does not have the escapes.
  2. Implemented a mechanism to to accommodate the plugin tool, the syntactical features of which would otherwise be corrupted by the new HTMLprotocol described in 1.

13 Dec

  1. Restored mssing rowspan setting to cell properties dialog
  2. Fixed missing space between a Dokuwiki acronym and the word following

17 Dec

  • Prepended colon to image urls created when using url rewrite rules 1 and 2, so that images are properly fetched from subdirectories.

19 Dec

  • Created nice text links for internal links and internal links to 'other' mime types, where these are not pre-set by the user.

23 Dec

  • Fixed accumulation of spaces around angle brackets in stet plugin.

24 Dec

Branch 01.02

  • This is an experimental version which tries to accommodate plugins in a less intrusive and more complete manner than preceding versions. Generally, the user can enter the plugin sytnax directly into the editor. As in the native Dokuwiki editor, the syntax will remain on the page, but when the page is displayed in the browser, the plugin results will appear. If this fails, the plugin tool can still be used.
  • The plugin syntax in the editor will be 'escaped' (see above Dec 11) and the escapes will be removed when the document is saved. Dokuwiki will see only the unescaped plugin syntax.
  • There is a new configuration setting in the Configuation Manager, which enables the admin to excludes plugins from being escaped, which might be a consideration if the results of the plugin are meant to be permanent. As of the current version this exclusion does not apply to plugins which use HTML -style syntax for their markup, as in the color plugin.
  • See the change log that comes with this package for further comment.

25 Dec

  • Added a plugin editor to the plugin tool so that plugins entered directly into the text, as described above, can be updated. It is not necessary to use the plugin editor for plugins which use only HTML -style syntax: <our_plugin>our text</our_plugin>. These can be edited in the FCKeditor window.