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It has been superceded by fckgLite and ckgedit.
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Change Log for fckgLite

January 2012

5 Jan 2012

  • Added support in edit php for ftp protocol.

17 Jan 2012

  • Fixed bug in edit.php which mistook all urls with 'doku.php?id=' as internal dw file; this happened when another dokuwiki was being accessed in the url.

29 Jan 2012

  • Eabled newlines at end of list lines, as in:
  1. this is line one
    line one and a half
  2. line two

To single space as between “line one” and “line one and a half”, hold down the shift key and hit return.

February 2012

2 Feb 2012

  • Addition to Chinese lang file

3 Feb 2012

  • Tied image extensions for filebrowser into mime.conf and mimi.local.conf.

4 Feb 2012

  • Edits to Chinese lang file

5 Feb 2012

  • Fixed bug in edit.php which converted https links to internal DW links

6 Feb 2012

  • Placed space after closing </sup>. Insures space between footnote and following text (but may add unwelcome space after a superscript character inside a string).

16 Feb 2012

  • Italian language files contributed for settings and fckgLite GUI. German GUI lang file updated.
  • Fixed bug where external links to image files were re-configured as images after a re-load.

17 Feb 2012

  • In the case of linkonly images enabled user texts to replace image names in links (edit.php).
  • Inserted space after restructured link

25 Feb 2012

  • Fixed bug in plugin tool which failed to render open bracket as entity causing fckEditor to mistake the syntax markup for an actual html tag.

March 2012

11 Mar 2012

  • Fixed bug in font tool where font face was not updated in Firefox on changes to already inserted fonts.

28 Mar 2012

  • Update to About Panel

April 2012

9-13 April 2012

  • Fixed variety of character markup issues. See the the Changes file in the distribution for details. (With Version 07 of fckgLite this will be Changes.3

15 Apr

  • Fixed permissions on fekeditor plugins directory (owner not x)

21 Apr

  • Added Support for rtl language direction in FCKeditor

25 Apr

  • Arabic language update for fckgLite GUI

May 2012

11 May

  • Added file icon for epub links to editor

13 May

  • The corrupting of links in Chrome was finally determined to be that Chrome re-arranges the attributes in a link tag, putting the href first and the class and title later, whereas fckgLite, depends on knowing the class before the url. A fix to editor.php corrects for this problem by re-arranging the attributes in link tags for Chrome.
  • Fix for Chrome which was not accessing image dialog's onload function.

15 May

  • Support for interwiki links added to edit.php

16 May

  • Improved interwiki link suport: added fileicon to fckEditor; removed added url text: link format is now Wikipedia and not [wp>Wikipedia|Wikipedia]]
  • Added required interwiki css to fckeditor_area.css.new_template

June 2012

4 June

  • Added inline 100% font-size style to edit window's input→submit button for IE when using new template; otherwise submit buttons are smaller than input→button buttons.
  • Added meta tag to <head> that switches IE to compatibility mode (in edit.php→fckg_edit_meta).

9 June

  • Corrected Arabic language file for editor window.
  • Conclude Version 06

10 June

  • Increased sizes of link and image dialog windows in gecko. Adjusted font sizes in link.html

11 June

  • Corrected url in Anteater safe encoding message (meta.php)

July 2012

5 July

  • Fix to FCKEditor fck_link.js for IE9, where FCKeditor's Selection.SelectNode() fails to insert link at cursor position if text not previously selected. This only comes into play if fckgLite is prevent from auto-switching IE to IE8 compatibility while in editing mode.

7 July

  • Fix to FCKeditor fck_image.js for IE9, where FCK.InsertElement failed to insert image at cursor. (See fck_link 5 July 2012).

9 July

  • Removed some unnecessary files from distribution and compressed old Changes files to zip.
  • Confined IE image and link fixes to IE9 since FCKeditor will not load in IE10. Users of IE10 where templates force Standards Mode will have to manually switch to compatibilty mode. In other cases, fckgLite auto-switches to IE8 compatibility.

August 2012

23 August

  • Fixed for smileys in lists where CR was lost if smiley was in li

24 August

  • fckeditor/dwsmileys.php: set alternate path for ajax access to smiley.conf in debian and ubuntu

25 August

  • Set IE compatiblity mode to IE=EmulateIE8 in file browser when browserMode > 8 (used writeln in file: fckxml.js). This was needed by IE 10.

28 August

  • Implemented option to rewrite FCKeditor smiley URLs when pages are moved to new server. Regex at top of edit.php:_preprocess. The URLs are reset on a page by page basis when loaded and saved. The option should be turned off except when needed.

September 2012

20 September

  • Minor edit (removed stray quotation mark attached attribute name in edit.php form tag)

October 2012

9 October 2012

  • Fixed bug where table markup inside code blocks dropped empty cells edit.php::_preprocess)

November 2012

20 Nov

  • Added session_id check to config.php: in some system setting session which has already been set throws an error.
  • Added $mssg=“” to FileUpload() in commands.php for SendUploadResults(), without which some systems freeze.

    Both of the above occurred on Windows with PHP 5.3

25 Nov

  • Removed stray character from top of fckconfig.js. Updated handling of mime types in config.php.

27 Nov

  • Fixes in fckeditor plugin font.html and edit.php for current less permissive browsers.
  • Update: Minor edits to edit.php and fonts.html to accommodate stricter evaluation of undefines in IE10

29 Nov

  • Fixed regex which removed precent-escaped backslashes in plugin syntax so that backslashes are removed only around non-alpha characters, preserving sequences such as \r\n.

30 Nov

  • Added two short-cut keys for numbered list: ctrl-+ and ctrl+{. Both do the same thing.


8 Dec

  • In edit.php: insert this.is_smiley = false after alt (text form of smiley) is added to results; prevents corruption of text formats and insertion of javascript 'undefined' when alt is not found on next time through start()

21 Dec

  • Updated css for new dokuwiki template.

22 Dec

  • Updated fck_editorarea.css.new_template for code blocks

23 Dec

  • Replaced default fck_editorarea.css with original that was accidentally exchanged for the new.
  • Created an IE CSS hack for geshi snippets

26 Dec

  • Fix for webkit nested lists