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It has been superceded by fckgLite and ckgedit.
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Change Log for fckgLite


4 Jan

  • Fix for urls in DW footnotes, which were lost on re-saves.

4 Jan

  • fix to DW footnote handling to prevent url from being transferred to subsequent fotnote text after update to previous notes's url using link tool.

5 Jan

  • Upgraded DW footnotes to handle links to media files

10 Jan

  • Default font plugin background color to inherit

14 Jan

  • Removed “new by reference” assignment in fckg/syntax/dwplugin.php (line 191)

17 Jan

  • Made an exception for svg-edit svg images in php/connectors/php/util.php (l. 150), which rejected (function: DetectHtml) them because they contained a <title> tag.

23 Jan

  • Updgraded Geshi plugin for FCKeditor with contributions from Kamil Demecki.


1 Feb

  • convert html tag markup < and > to entities in indented code blocks (In edit.php:_preprocess())

13 Feb

  • Fix interwiki markup which was lost in above conversion
  • Added tooltip for Scayt
  • Removed new by reference warning in edit.php on line 2347

14 Feb

  • Upgraded handling of interwiki links in edit.php
  • Captures missing link text in interwiki links.

18 Feb

  • Synched edit.php with github.


6 Mar

  • Check for files and/or directories in userfiles that have not been created into the links to media or have been converted to directories (Weatherwas). If found delete them so that the links can be created.

7 Mar

  • Fix for XPATH/httRequest in fckxml.js

12 Mar

  • Added user signature item to the context menu.

13 Mar

  • Added ftp option to link dialog
  • Put some controls into creating ftp links.

18 Mar

  • Removed file size from link titles, which caused corrupted urls in Weatherwax, which now appends file size to title.

19 Mar

  • Updated entities file.

22 March Automated insertion of

macro when complex tables checkbox is set to true, if not already inserted.

28 March

  • Fixed IE 10 JS incompatiblity
  • Fixed URL display line in image dialog: now displays file name as saved, instead of encoded format.

29 March

  • double urlencode image names for filebrowser thumbnails, which otherwise do not display in Windows.

30 March

  • Restored aspell Language button (when Scayt is turned off).


9 April

  • Removed compatibility support for pre-jquery functions.

10 April

  • Removed missed jquery compatibility script.

12 April

  • In edit.php fix for images with detail urls using .htaccess nice urls

29 April

  • Fixed regex for recognizing indented code blocks.
  • Fixed handlng of footnotes containing parentheses.


3 May

  • Synced switch/edit.php with master/edit.php
  • Added support for macro

15 May

  • Added PHP's file upload errors to filebrowser.

30 May

  • Accept image copy and paste with https urls.


15 June

  • Removed duplicate ~~CMPLEX_TABLES~~ macros


11 July

  • Added escapes to Plugin pattern regexes in edit.php, e.g. for '('

19 Jul

  • Dutch language files for settings.php and action/lang

25 Jul

  • Corrects bug which deletes final monospace markup from list items

28 Jul

  • Fixed corrupted links to media from userfiles and bad file mode set for edit.php
  • occurred only in fackgLite/dailies versions–


6 Aug

  • Added language variable to image dialog's align list for “remove alignment”

13 Aug

  • Preserve plain text samba share syntax

15 Aug

  • Dutch language updates for fckeditor and fonts/lang/nl.js

22 Aug

  • Updates to language strings in link dialog

23 Aug

  • Fixed error in edit.php that caused external links on initial creation to be converted to internal if links were
  • created in internal-external order.

24 Aug

  • Supplied missing fckeditor language strings and JS FCKLang references.

25 Aug

  • cleaned up fckeditor unused plugins and replaced nested list plugins with FCKeditor's indent and outdent.

27 Aug

  • Interwiki links: preserve lost forward slashes and query strings

28 Aug

  • Added language strings and FCKLang refs for file browser

31 Aug

  • Prevent Alt from accessing CTRL short-cuts when Alt Gr key is hit( in helper.php)


5 Sep

  • New language strings for Signature plugin and “what's this” in editing window

6 Sep

  • New lang string– 'complex_tables'– for editing window

12 Sep

  • Corrected fckconfig.js to use editor/lang/<iso.js> files for geshi and keyboard plugins.
  • Updated language strings for Geshi plugin.
  • Updated language strings and code for Scayt
  • Dutch language updates.

13 Sep

  • Removed trailing comma from en.js (FCKLang) which failed in earlier versions of IE
  • fixed missing span tag in geshi plugin.

14 Sep

  • Updates to languagestrings and code
  • Fixed some label tags in edit.php

15 Sep

  • Updates to language strings in fckeditor
  • Final Dutch lang update


24 Oct

  • Removed Aug 13 fix for handling plain text samaba shares; it corrupts some plugin markup.


6 Nov

  • replace utf8 chars in plugin regexes with entities (edit.php)

12 Nov

  • Fixed broken snippet (side-effect from 18 March Weatherwax internal media fix)


9 Dec

  • Fixed corrupted tables with vertical spans in across from empty cells (on initial table creation)

10 Dec

  • Removed unintentional _FCKG_BLANK_TD_ markers

15 Dec

  • Removed ~~COMPLEX_TABLES~~ macro in save.php and disable macro checkbox if complex set in config manager