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later, the plugin tool can edit plugins that use HTML-style markup, as in the color plugin: <nowiki><co... d above is whether it encloses its text inside an HTML SPAN or an HTML DIV. Plugins that use a SPAN will work as described and these are plugins which genera... the user to isolate text that contains either HTML sensitive characters or Dokuwiki markup charac
handleiding @nl
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1, kan je met de plugin tool plugins bewerken die HTML-stijlopmaak gebruiken zoals in de color plugin: <... ft te maken met het omsluiten van de tekst in een HTML SPAN of een HTML DIV. Plugins die een SPAN gebruiken werken zoals beschreven en hebben meestal effect o... fgeschaft**] Stet Plugin. \\ Dit werd gebruikt om HTML of Dokuwiki opmaak tekens te kunnen afzonderen en
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script'],\\ ['OrderedList','UnorderedList','insertHtml','insertHtmlunorderedList', 'insertHtmlCode' ],\\... ems are self-explanatory except for: * **insertHTML**: adapted for nested ordered list * **insertHT... e a Dokuwiki newline:<nowiki> \\</nowiki>. ===== HTML and Dokuwiki Escapes ===== HTML tags are automatically recognized and escaped by the fckgLite parser.
test_long @playground
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ghts reserved.\\ %%*%% For licensing, see LICENSE.html or\\ %%*%%/\\ \\ CKED... okuSmileyConfImages[i] = a;\\ } \\ }\\ },\\ 'html'\\ );\\ }\\ \\ config.dokuFixmeSmiley = new Array... Dokuwiki plugin: ckgedit"; \\ },\\ 'html'\\ );\\ }\\ config.filebrowserWindowWidth='60%';\... MAX_FILE_SIZE directive that was specified in the HTML form.",\\ FileBrowserError_303: "The uploaded fil
veel_gestelde_vragen @nl
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ript'], \\ ['OrderedList','UnorderedList','insertHtml','insertHtmlunorderedList', 'insertHtmlCode' ],\\... items verklaren zichzelf behalve: * **insertHTML**: aangepast voor geneste genummerde lijst * ... nieuwe Dokuwiki lijn:<nowiki>% </nowiki>. ===== HTML en Dokuwiki Escapes ===== HTML tags worden automatisch herkend en ge-escaped door de fckgLite parser
fckl_changes_2011.001 @removed
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feature: (1) immutable plugins now keep their HTML formats and (2) they can be edited in the plugin ... ack function that replaces nowiki characters with html entities (edit.php). **11 Jan 2011** * U... ded plugin tool: in raw syntax mode the edited HTML text is now inserted in place in the FCKeditor, w... ag with one to end of PRE tag before sending HTML to FCKeditor, so that code blocks that come at en
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many aspects, its main function is to convert the HTML entered into the FCKeditor into native Dokuwiki m... x15 }} You can download it with the appropriate HTML in this zip file: {{|}}. You can... om of this page. The footer is in the file footer.html in your template directory. There is a similar b... cense. See [[|]] for th
ie9_ff6 @docs
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ind the following declaration: <file> <!DOCTYPE html> </file> Replace that with the following: <fi... e> <?php if($ACT == 'edit'): ?> <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" ""> <?php else: ?> <
entities @docs
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===== Configuring HTML entities ===== For an explanation of HTML entities, see the [[:configuration#html_entities|configuration]] page. ==== Adding Entities to the En
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===== Configuring HTML entities ===== {{tag>entities}} For an explanation of HTML entities, see the [[:configuration#html_entities|configuration]] page. ==== Adding Entities to the En... llowing web site: [[|
bestand_verkenner @nl
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e voegen alsook interne pagina links aan urls. In HTML ziet dit er uit als <a name='anchor_name'>. Klik ... opgenomen zijn, bv: <code> <Directory "/var/www/html"> AllowOverride All </Directory> </code> Als ... ie de [[|Apache documentatie]] Noteer dat
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and attaching page anchors to urls, which in the HTML take the form of <nowiki><a name='anchor_name'></... tainer, for instance: <code> <Directory "/var/www/html"> AllowOverride All </Directory> </code> If yo... e the [[|Apache documentation]]. Notice tha
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oint to the userfiles directory: * /var/www/html/dwfck_dev/lib/plugins/fckg/fckeditor/userfiles/ ... f [[|options]]. ==== Debugging ==== \\ Yo
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('plugintool', 'en,fr,nl,de,es') ; </file> ==== HTML Entities ==== For some non-Roman characters, fo... ts, and for assorted symbols, the FCKeditor uses HTML entities. For instance À – the capital A with
upgrade_5 @docs
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In dialog/fck_paste.js created regex that removes HTML paragraph markup from table cells. This will not... port ===== **1.** Monospace markup now supports html entities, as in Dokuwiki.The entity definitions o
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