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test_long @playground
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\ [ CKEDITOR.ALT + CKEDITOR.SHIFT + 56, 'bulletedlist' ], // ALT + %%*%% \\ [ CKEDITOR.ALT + 56, 'bulletedlist' ], // ALT + 8\\ [ CKEDITOR.ALT + 173, 'numberedlist' ], // ALT + -\\ [ ... \\ { name: 'paragraph', items : [ 'NumberedList','BulletedList','Indent','Outdent'] },\\
old_nested_lists @docs
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x23 }} **How To**: First start your numbered list. When you want to nest a second list, place your cursor at the end of the current list item and click the nesting icon: - list item - current list item[cursor here] - nesting
fckl_changes_2011.001 @removed
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* Added the fckg_font plugin to the permanent list of excluded (immutable) plugins in edit.php get_p... aft_rename.php. ** 19 May ** * Unordered List ItemRemoved "TEST" designation from the distribut... plugin syntax. ** 23 May ** * Unordered List ItemFixed ACL check in filemanager/connectors/php... hold an array. ** 25 May ** * Unordered List ItemForward slashes in userewrite=2 were not bein
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low. ==== Nested Lists ==== To create a nested list you hit the "Nested List" button and to return to the previous level you hit the "Nested List Return" button. This works with both ordered and... to the margin. <WRAP center 50%> * Nested List: \\ {{:indent.gif?32x32}} * Nested List Ret
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rough','-','Subscript','Superscript'],\\ ['OrderedList','UnorderedList','insertHtml','insertHtmlunorderedList', 'insertHtmlCode' ],\\ ['Rule', 'Smiley', 'SpecialChar', 'Style... op left of the toolbar, move it to the top of the list: ['FontFormat'],['Bold','Italic','Underline','St
dailies @removed
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| |CTRL Y |redo| |CTRL L|link| |ALT - |numbered list| |ALT 8 |bulleted list| |ALT <nowiki> *</nowiki>|bulleted list| |ALT m,|code| The short-cut keys for inserting headers were c... ation|installation]] instructions. </code> {{filelist>ckeditor:ckgEdit-c*& style=table& tableheader=1&
veel_gestelde_vragen @nl
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ugh','-','Subscript','Superscript'], \\ ['OrderedList','UnorderedList','insertHtml','insertHtmlunorderedList', 'insertHtmlCode' ],\\ ['Rule', 'Smiley', 'SpecialChar', 'Styl... PHP in Code Blok ===== <file> <?php foreach($list as $plugin) { if(preg_match('/fckg_dwplugin/',
switch @removed
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vailable, however, for Internet Explorer. {{filelist>ckeditor:ckgEdit-switch*&style=table&tableheader=... tableshowsize=1&sort=mtime& changelog=1}} {{filelist>ckeditor:fckgLite-switch*&style=table&tableheader... ript and the php which creates and activates this list. The file is included in the scripts directory o... e in top_header.php at the end of the action link list: <code> tpl_action('admin', 1, 'li');
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ries. {{anchor:conf_4}} **4**. A comma delimited list of plugins the output of which is meant to become... ed. {{anchor:conf_12}} **12.** A comma separated list of namespaces where the Dokuwiki editor is automa... . {{anchor:conf_20}} **20.** This is a drop-down list of available languages. The default language is ... ulte the following post from the fckgLite mailing list: [[
archive_dist @removed
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nger available.** ===== Version 07 ===== {{filelist>temp:arc:07std:fckgLite-07*& style=table& tablehe... /must// use fckgLite Version 06 or later. {{filelist>temp:arc:fckgLite-06*&style=table&tableheader=1&t... Dokuwiki prior to rincewind (2011-04-22). {{filelist>temp:arc:fckgLiteSafe*&style=table&tableheader=1&
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n : 'Remove Alignment', DecreaseIndent : "Nested List Return", IncreaseIndent : "Nested List", // Link Dialog DlgLnkTypeInternal : "DokuWiki internal link"
dist @archive
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/must// use fckgLite Version 06 or later. {{filelist>:temp:arc:fckgLite-06*&style=table&tableheader=1&... Dokuwiki prior to rincewind (2011-04-22). {{filelist>:temp:arc:fckgLiteSafe*&style=table&tableheader=1
werkbalk @nl
2 Hits, Last modified:}} {{}} |Selecteer genummerde lijst o
upgrade_5 @docs
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, is an example of an escaped asterisk in the filelist plugin and below it the Dokuwiki-style escape: <file> {{filelist>temp:\*\.txt&style=table&tableheader=1&tableshowd
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L-<nowiki>*</nowiki>|start or end of an unordered list| ^CTRL-= or CTRL-{|start or end of an ordered list| ^SHIFT-RETURN|holding down the shift key while hitt
sep_2011 @news
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m_lists @docs:examples
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temp2 @playground
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upgrade_6_2 @docs
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fckglite_safe @removed
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lists_font @docs
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ckgedit_config @playground
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