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test_long @playground
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\ [ CKEDITOR.ALT + CKEDITOR.SHIFT + 56, 'bulletedlist' ], // ALT + %%*%% \\ [ CKEDITOR.ALT + 56, 'bulletedlist' ], // ALT + 8\\ [ CKEDITOR.ALT + 173, 'numberedlist' ], // ALT + -\\ [ ... \\ { name: 'paragraph', items : [ 'NumberedList','BulletedList','Indent','Outdent'] },\\
old_nested_lists @docs
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====== Old Nested Lists Buttons ====== === Nested Ordered Lists === **fckgLite** has a facility for nesting numbered lists. This is its tool bar icon: {{ :ol_ins.png?23... x23 }} **How To**: First start your numbered list. When you want to nest a second list, place your
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ite. ===== Toolbar ===== {{tag>toolbar tables lists geshi plugins links footnotes language image lin... moving_links|editing links]] below. ==== Nested Lists ==== To create a nested list you hit the "Nested List" button and to return to the previous level you hit the "Nested List Return" b
fckl_changes_2011.001 @removed
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* Added the fckg_font plugin to the permanent list of excluded (immutable) plugins in edit.php get_p... 2011** * Removed extra newline from nested lists where nested item ends with an acronym **6 Feb... bug in edit.php that removed initial spaces from lists after code blocks in _preprocess() **10 Feb 2011** * Removed bulleted and numbered lists from FCKeditor context menu. They have no functi
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rough','-','Subscript','Superscript'],\\ ['OrderedList','UnorderedList','insertHtml','insertHtmlunorderedList', 'insertHtmlCode' ],\\ ['Rule', 'Smiley', 'SpecialChar', 'Style... op left of the toolbar, move it to the top of the list: ['FontFormat'],['Bold','Italic','Underline','St
dailies @removed
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| |CTRL Y |redo| |CTRL L|link| |ALT - |numbered list| |ALT 8 |bulleted list| |ALT <nowiki> *</nowiki>|bulleted list| |ALT m,|code| The short-cut keys for inserting headers were c... ation|installation]] instructions. </code> {{filelist>ckeditor:ckgEdit-c*& style=table& tableheader=1&
switch @removed
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supported.** It will still work in the versions listed below but any versions after the last of these ... vailable, however, for Internet Explorer. {{filelist>ckeditor:ckgEdit-switch*&style=table&tableheader=... tableshowsize=1&sort=mtime& changelog=1}} {{filelist>ckeditor:fckgLite-switch*&style=table&tableheader... ript and the php which creates and activates this list. The file is included in the scripts directory o
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ries. {{anchor:conf_4}} **4**. A comma delimited list of plugins the output of which is meant to become... ed. {{anchor:conf_12}} **12.** A comma separated list of namespaces where the Dokuwiki editor is automa... . {{anchor:conf_20}} **20.** This is a drop-down list of available languages. The default language is ... ulte the following post from the fckgLite mailing list: [[
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itch between types. Under the resource type is a listing of links to directories which are hierarchical... e above, the yellow folder icons in the directory listing indicate that the user has upload permission f... pload permission, the file names in the directory listing have trash cans to the left of the file names.... or its yellow folder will switch the file browser listing to playground/test, which will show the trash
m_lists @docs:examples
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**Melodie's List** * [[|Présentation de PCLinuxOS]] * [[http://www.mturn... ows® - Linux® * Erreurs et solutions connues **List from fixed Version _jQ-06-11-Oct_26-15_34_** * [[:docs:examples:lists|lists]] * [[:docs:upgrade_5|Télécharger PCLinuxOS]] * [[:docs:examples:lists|lists]] * Sur
veel_gestelde_vragen @nl
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ugh','-','Subscript','Superscript'], \\ ['OrderedList','UnorderedList','insertHtml','insertHtmlunorderedList', 'insertHtmlCode' ],\\ ['Rule', 'Smiley', 'SpecialChar', 'Styl... PHP in Code Blok ===== <file> <?php foreach($list as $plugin) { if(preg_match('/fckg_dwplugin/',
fckglite_safe @removed
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d Dokuwiki files are displayed in the filebrowser listings, i.e. only files with the **.txt** exten... nger necessary to display the extensions of files listed in data/pages. Instead of ''my_file.txt'', the listing will display the name as ''my_file''. This is... ion is always a current version, though a more recent version may appear in the list of dailies below.
upgrade_5 @docs
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For instance: this is b**o**ld. **3.** Nested lists now support bold, underline and italic: * ... italic * nested 2 * item 2 Nested lists do not support the <del>strikeout</del> mark... , is an example of an escaped asterisk in the filelist plugin and below it the Dokuwiki-style escape: <file> {{filelist>temp:\*\.txt&style=table&tableheader=1&tableshowd
archive_dist @removed
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nger available.** ===== Version 07 ===== {{filelist>temp:arc:07std:fckgLite-07*& style=table& tablehe... /must// use fckgLite Version 06 or later. {{filelist>temp:arc:fckgLite-06*&style=table&tableheader=1&t... Dokuwiki prior to rincewind (2011-04-22). {{filelist>temp:arc:fckgLiteSafe*&style=table&tableheader=1&
sep_2011 @news
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d short-cut keys: ALT+- for creating new ordered list; ALT+<nowiki>*</nowiki> for creating new unordered list. The mnemonics are the Dokuwiki editor's codes for ordered and unordered lists. ==== 23 Sep ==== * Fixes for updated fo
upgrade_6_2 @docs
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dist @archive
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werkbalk @nl
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temp2 @playground
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lists_font @docs
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ckgedit_config @playground
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