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test_long @playground
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ileBrowserError_103: 'You have no permissions to create the folder.',\\ FileBrowserError_110: 'Unknown e... Write : "uploadable",\\ DlgFileBrowserNewFolder: "Create Folder",\\ DlgFileBrowserResourceType: "Resource ... ',\\ NotSetOption: 'Not Set',\\ AdvancedInfo: "To create anchors from Dokuwiki headers, click on the Get H... .",\\ AdvancedTabPrompt: 'Use the advanced tab to create page anchors and query strings',\\ SMBExample: "E
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tically left-align. With left alignment, you can create a horizontal row of images. {{:image.gif?21x21 ... ge is cleared. With baseline alignment, you can create a column of images that will align against the le... iting links]] below. ==== Nested Lists ==== To create a nested list you hit the "Nested List" button an... ecated**] Stet Plugin. \\ With this option you create a Stet plugin. Stet is a proof-reader's mark mean
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nguage files. * * To Upgrade for your language, create the following language items in your language fil... */ // Toolbar tooltips InsertFootnote : "Create/Edit Footnotes", ScaytTitle : "Spell... gImgHelpLiLeft : "Use <b>left</b> alignment to create a horizontal row of images.", DlgImgHelpLiBase : "Use <b>baseline</b> to create a vertical column of images at the left-hand marg
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ter ''new_file'' into the text box, fckgLite will create a link to '':namespace_1:new_file''. (Added Sep 2... e two parts, the URL and the link text. When you create a link with the link dialog, the link text will be the same as the URL. So, if you create a link to <nowiki>:wiki:syntax</nowiki>, you will... with the mouse, and then open the link dialog and create the link using the dialog. - create the link
auto_install @docs
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rsions of fckgLite, dated after Nov 24 2011, will create the required symlinks if they do not already exis... owever, up-to-date versions of fckgLite will also create symlinks on Windows beginning with Vista. ===== ... s: - You can install manually - You can create the symbolic links your self. You will have to create four symlinks: ''file'', ''flash'', ''image'', ''
dailies @removed
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fckg'' plugin page. ==== Some notes: ==== - To create geshi code blocks, create a code block from the ''Code'' menu and in the top left-hand corner of the blo... ge_name>.'' \\ For instance:'' geshi: c. '' \\ To create a code snippet, create a file block and add the snippet name. \\ For instance: ''geshi: php tmp.php'' \\
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or message indicating that an attempt was made to create a directory/file but the "File Exists" - The ... ix-type and Windows systems you should be able to create symboloic links from fckg/fckeditor/userfiles to ... a file which is created when fckgLite attempts to create symlinks on your system (see [[:docs:auto_install... ymlink_creation]] ). This will force fckgLite to create new symlinks which will now point to the media di
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ld down the shift key and press return. This will create a Dokuwiki newline:<nowiki> \\</nowiki>. ===== H... butions dated before September 15 2010, IE failed create non-parsed blocks, either standard Code blocks or... le menu in IE will produce a valid Code block. To create a File block use the following work-around: - create a Code block, with or without enclosed text eleme
ckgedit_config @playground
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editor_bak]] |Save backup on Refresh |false | |[[#create_folder|create_folder]] |Enable folder creation |n | |[[#dwedit_ns|dwedit_ns]] |Namespaces where DokuWiki ... ctory immediately above it, if the user has write/create permission in that directory. But if Open File Br... g edited but with a .ckgedit extension. ---- === create_folder === If set to 'y', a folder creation butto
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sh|false|from Sep 10 2010| |**11.** |[[#conf_11|create_folder]] Enable folder creation|n|from Sep 10 201... ctory immediately above it, if the user has write/create permission in that directory. But if Open File Br... lies to installations, where fckgLite attempts to create symlinks. See the [[:docs:auto_install#configurat... ead show up in English. If this happens, you can create a language file for the plugin tool. This file g
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okuwiki farms. ===== Instructions ===== You must create a media directory which your animal will access i... /code> In each of these new directories you must create links to their actual media directories. You need... ry into your new directory. The final step is to create a new ''animal'' configuration item in the local.
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g|:index:site_inx]] ===== How To ===== ==== 1. Create Internal Link ==== {{ :playground:original.png... edit_2.png?297x195}} Keep in mind that when you create any type of link, the underlying link and the lin... with your mouse and then open the link dialog to create your link. The link text will be the selected te
fckl_changes_2011.001 @removed
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rser has been upgraded to handle the font tag and create the font plugin syntax, which is what is saved to... ov** * Unordered List ItemRemoved stet and create functions from FCKeditor plugin tool. Allows for... ode></plugin>markup from plugins escaped with old create function. The latter is for backward compatiblity
switch @removed
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COMPLEX_TABLES~~ ==== How-to ==== In order to create the conditions for editor switching, a drop-down ... /scripts/switch_tpl.php'); } ?> </code> To create the drop-down menu, add this code, where you want
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ding down the shift key while hitting Return will create a newline, used for single-spacing. See [[:featur
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upgrade_5 @docs
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temp @playground
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entities @docs
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