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iki editor is automatically loaded instead of the FCKeditor. This will work with pagenames as well. The code... iki>\</nowiki>media through fckg<nowiki>\</nowiki>fckeditor<nowiki>\</nowiki>userfiles, if links to media and... his option controls the language direction in the FCKeditor. There are three opitons: (1) 'nocheck', which i... to have your browser set to one direction and the FCKeditor to another. {{anchor:conf_18}} **18.** When set
fckl_changes_2011.001 @removed
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) **5 Jan 2011** * Added fonts plugin to FCKeditor, tied into syntax plugin font.php. User can set f... ited HTML text is now inserted in place in the FCKeditor, whereas previously the edited text did not appea... ions.) **30 Jan 2011** * Added CSS to FCKeditor's editing area (fck_editorarea.css) to match doku... ts in matching link colors and link icons in the FCKeditor. **31 Jan 2011** * Added CSS for edi
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. Solution: copy the following file to the fckg/fckeditor directory: {{:userfiles.tgz|:userfiles.tgz}}. The... This will copy the necessary links to the fckg/fckeditor/userfiles directory. ~~COMPLEX_TABLES~~ ===== ... on script for this file browser is found in /fckg/fckeditor/editor/filemanager/connectors/php and is named co... ay also have to copy the .htaccess file from fckg/fckeditor/userfiles to data/media. See the section of this
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anders wordt het resultaat van de plugin door de FCKeditor permanent opgeslagen in de pagina. De 'escaping' ... in de syntax of de inhoud van een plugin die met FCKeditor verwerkt is, markeer dan de plugin tekst en doe d... ==== Paragraaf → Lijn regelafstandstool ==== De FckEditor formatteert de tekst in paragrafen. Terwijl je de... nmaken** Tabellen maak je aan en bewerk je met de FCKeditor's tool in de werkbalk en in de context menu via d
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plugin syntax has to be 'escaped', otherwise the FCKeditor will permanently embed the output of the plugin i... lugin editor. \\ If you enter a plugin into the FCKeditor and then want to change something in its syntax o... ts. ==== Paragraph to Line-Break Tool ==== The FckEditor formats text in paragraphs. As you type the text... ing** \\ Tables are created and edited using the FCKeditor's table tool, in the toolbar, and the context men
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r item or remove an item by opening the file fckg/fckeditor/fckconfig.js and editing FCKConfig.ToolbarSets[“D... eys ===== Smileys can be created with either the FCKeditor's smiley toolbar item or with Dokuwiki's smiley m... his :-P . Dokuwiki smileys cannot be aligned, but FCKeditor smileys can. This is a smiley selected from the FCKeditor smiley menu: {{
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on verwijderen. Hiervoor open je het bestand fckg/fckeditor/fckconfig.js en bewerk FCKConfig.ToolbarSets[“Dok... = Smileys ===== Smileys kan je aanmaken via het FCKeditor's smiley werkbalk item of met de Dokuwiki's smile... :-P . Dokuwiki smileys kan je niet uitlijnen maar FCKeditor smileys wel. Deze smiley is geselecteerd met de FCKeditor smiley menu: {{
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access <code> dokuwiki/lib/plugins/fckg/fckeditor/userfiles/image dokuwiki/lib/plugins/fckg/fckeditor/userfiles/file </code> where image and file are... olution is to copy the following file to the fckg/fckeditor directory: {{:userfiles.tgz|:userfiles.tgz}}. The... This will copy the necessary links to the fckg/fckeditor/userfiles directory. A copy of userfiles.tgz is
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imal will access instead of the default ''ckgedit/fckeditor/userfiles'' directory, which gives ckgedit access... '' these directories will be located in ''ckgedit/fckeditor''. So if you have animals cat and dog, then you will have: <code> fckeditor cat dog userfiles </code> I... blink.jpg and the relevant htaccess file from the fckeditor/userfiles directory into your new directory. The
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o fckgLite and are additions to the packaged * FCKeditor language files. * * To Upgrade for your languag... which is found in the following directory: /fckg/fckeditor/editor/lang * You can use this file as your ... election Tool', //Smileys FckEditorSmileys : "FCKEditor Smileys", DokuwikiSmileys : "Dokuwiki Smileys", SmileysDlgInfo : "FCKeditor smileys are inserted as images. Dokuwiki smileys
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*fckgLite** is a Javascript implementation of the FCKeditor for DokuWiki. It is "Lite" only historically, fro... function is to convert the HTML entered into the FCKeditor into native Dokuwiki markup and to save that to t... en superceded by ckgedit, which upgrades from the FCKEditor to the more modern CKEditor. Much of what is foun... ory]]. In ckgedit, you must create symlinks from fckeditor/userfiles to the media directory in the moved dir
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iki editor is automatically loaded instead of the FCKeditor. The code looks only for partial matches. So if... it possible to access data\media through ckgedit\fckeditor>\userfiles, if links to media and file have been ... to have your browser set to one direction and the FCKeditor to another. ---- === scayt === When set to "on" (
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ekoppeld aan de interne link werkbalk item. In de FCKeditor worden deze faciliteiten behandeld met 3 dialogen... n tot de media map via een symbolische link in de fckeditor/userfiles map. In de unix installaties van fckgLi... ri 2011 ** is een .htaccess bestand in de fckg/fckeditor/userfiles map aanwezig die directe toegang tot al
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e> Version 07 upgrades from version 2.4.1 of the FCKeditor to 2.6.6. FCKeditor 2.6.6. was the final upgrade to the FCKEditor before the release of CKEditor. One of the most significant fe
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tached to the internal like tool bar item. In the FCKeditor, these features are handled by three dialogs modi... irectory indirectly through symbolic links in the fckeditor/userfiles directory. The defaullt .htaccess file ... security. There is an .htaccess file in the fckg/fckeditor/userfiles directory which prohibits direct access
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