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test_long @playground
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ror creating folder',\\ FileBrowserError_201: 'A file with the same name is already available. The uploaded file has been renamed to: ',\\ FileBrowserError_202: 'Invalid file',\\ FileBrowserError_203: 'You do not have permi... BrowserError_204: 'Unable to delete the selected file', \\ FileBrowserError_205: 'Unable to rename the
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iki. These are the image and link dialogs and the file browser. The toolbar buttons which activate the ... ki>server<nowiki>\</nowiki>share<nowiki>\</nowiki>file.<ext>. The share must have a file extension. ==== Internal Links and Internal Files ==== Internal link... alog. **Dokuwiki Internal Link ** is a link to a file in Dokuwiki's name-space hierarchy, while **Non-
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-10_49| |**5.** |[[#conf_5|default_fb]] Default File Browsing Access|acl|01.03-10-Jan_01-10_35| |**6.** |[[#conf_6|openfb]]Open File Browsing|false|01.03-10-Jan_01-10_35| |**7.** |... additional details. {{anchor:conf_5}} **5.** The file browser is acl-compliant, but the administrator c... to 'none' {{anchor:conf_6}} **6.** Normally, the file browser opens in the the namespace of the page be
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ined image. For instructions on using the image file browser, go to the [[:media|filebrowser]] page. ... he MULTI_PLUGIN markup, which looks like this: <file> ~~MULTI_PLUGIN_OPEN~~ <your-multi-line-plugin> l... /your-multi-line-plugin> ~~MULTI_PLUGIN_CLOSE~~ </file> The easiest and least error prone way to inclu... es with fckgLite and has the following format: <file> <font size:weight/face;;text-color;;background-c
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{{tag>language}} <file> /** * These language strings are specific to fckgLite and are additions to the... ate the following language items in your language file, * which is found in the following directory: /... ckg/fckeditor/editor/lang * You can use this file as your template and over-write the English with ... insert into document', DlgImgAlertSucess : "Your file has been successfully uploaded.", DlgImgAlertInva
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ng that an attempt was made to create a directory/file but the "File Exists" - The file browser seems to work but you see no files, and the directories appear to be empty. Solution: copy the following file to the fckg/fckeditor directory: {{:userfiles.tgz
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f a toolbar item or remove an item by opening the file fckg/fckeditor/fckconfig.js and editing FCKConfig... t from the list. ===== PHP in Code Block ===== <file> <?php foreach($list as $plugin) { if(preg_ma... $regex .= "|$pattern"; } } ?> </file> The way to achieve the best result is to type y... de a text representation of a code block inside a file block and vice versa: <code> <file> This is a f
upgrade_5 @docs
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lation, where everyone has complete access to the file system, as in the previous 0 distributions. ====... fck/fckgLite/lib/plugins/fckg/fckeditor/userfiles/file/temp/fckgLite-05.10-Oct_18-08_24.tgz|fckgLite-05.... markup; that is, code markup can be included in a file block and vice versa * Partial fix for creati... dentifies what kind of block is involved, code or file. See the [[:faq#code_block_hack_for_ie|Code block
veel_gestelde_vragen @nl
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n. ==== ==== ===== PHP in Code Blok ===== <file> <?php foreach($list as $plugin) { if(preg_m... regex .= "|$pattern"; } } ?> </file> De beste manier om een goed resultaat te bekom... doen in een bestandsblok en vice versa: <code> <file> Dit is een bestandsblok in een code blok. </file> </code> <file> <code> Dit is een code bl
auto_install @docs
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inks are used in the default configuration of the file browser. **Current installs:** All versions of ... st. In its default configuration for Linux, the file browser is set up to access <code> doku... dokuwiki/lib/plugins/fckg/fckeditor/userfiles/file </code> where image and file are symlinks which point to ''dokuwiki/data/media''. {{ :docs:filebro
upgrade_6_2 @docs
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====== Upgrades and new Features ====== ===== File Browser Enhancements ===== **Link Dialog** ... with drop-down menu of headings from the current file which can be selected an inserted as anchors. * Removed '.txt' extensions from file browser display of internal link file names * Added support for the revision to Dokuwiki's safe enc
fckl_changes_2011.001 @removed
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t plugin syntax, which is what is saved to the DW file. Added additional error checking and language te... irs: {} <>. But it also covers situations where a file is imported into fckgLite which may use this tech... th an acronym **6 Feb 2011** * Change to file browser: When moving a file to a directory named 'secure', the filebrowser automatically includes an .h
ie9_ff6 @docs
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t in a meta tag with the following attributes: <file> http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="name of compatibility mode" </file> Usually it will be placed in a conditional. For instance: <file> <!--[if IE]><meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge,chrome=1" /><![endif]--> </file> There are several ways to deal with this probl
versioning_system @docs
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n numeric prefix: - A distribution in which file browsing is not ACL-aware and may be suitable for... tions in which all users have equal access to the file system;the numeric prefix for this distribution is 0. - A distribution with an ACL compliant file browser; its numeric prefix is 02. - A distribution with an ACL compliant file browser that also supports non-Roman alphabets in
entities @docs
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ons Array. ==== You create an Entity definition file with the format illustrated below, and then run t... php script ents_seri.php Name your definitions file add.ent Then at the command line type: <code>... lternatively, you can give your entity definition file any name you want and feed the file name to the script at the command line: <code> php ents_se
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ckgedit_config @playground
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fckglite_safe @removed
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upgrade_6 @docs
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switch @removed
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font_tool @playground
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plugins @nl
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link_test @playground
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win_filebrowser @ditaa
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filebrowser @ditaa
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handleiding @nl
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