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werkbalk @nl
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| **Werkbalk icoon** | **Functie** | | {{}} {{}}{{}}{{
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ar in the browser's url. If your web site is [[|]] and dokuwiki is accessed as [[|]] then your relative path is /dokuwiki/data
bestand_verkenner @nl
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iveren zijn volgende bekende Dokuwiki iconen: [[ k Type URL laat staan, kan je kiezen tussen ofwel http of https in het Protocol menu en kan je de URL di... het URL protocol worden in Dokuwiki getoond als [[|external links... mogelijk: * <nowiki>S</nowiki>WF <nowiki>[[</nowiki><nowiki>|http:/
handleiding @nl
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an fckgLite met Dokuwiki te bekijken ga je naar [[ dersteund wordt, ga je naar de originele pagina [[ nstalleerd is. Je zal bv merken dat fckgLite de [[ ins === De syntax van sommige plugins zoals de [[|bureaucracy
veel_gestelde_vragen @nl
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is geselecteerd met de FCKeditor smiley menu: {{ verkleinen zoals bv in volgende afbeelding: {{ opslaan wordt de nieuwe URL opgeslagen. Zie ook [[ opmaak wordt bewaard. Dit is een link: <nowiki>[[|]]</nowiki> wa
test_long @playground
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erved.\\ %%*%% For licensing, see LICENSE.html or\\ %%*%%/\\ \\ CKEDITOR.edi... ation here.\\ // For the complete reference:\\ //!/api/CKEDITOR.config\\ top.... ','About' ] },\\ ];\\ \\ config.dokuSmileyPath = 'http://' + top.dokuBase + 'lib/images/smileys/'; \\ c... erved.\\ %%*%% For licensing, see LICENSE.html or\\ %%*%%/\\ \\ CKEDITOR.edi
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iley selected from the FCKeditor smiley menu: {{ -size these smileys, as for any other image: {{ he markup is preserved. This is a link: <nowiki>[[|]] </nowiki> is preserved as markup because it is held betwee
ie9_ff6 @docs
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tag with the following attributes: <file> http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="name of compati... al. For instance: <file> <!--[if IE]><meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge,chrome=1... section. In the following example, IE will use ''http-equiv=“X-UA-Compatible” content=“IE=edge,chrome=1... rs().'' <code> <head> <!--[if IE]><meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge,chrome=1
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aving the Link Type as URL, you can choose either http or https from the Protocol menu and type your URL... sing the URL protocol are what Dokuwiki sees as [[|external links... files: * <nowiki>S</nowiki>WF <nowiki>[[</nowiki>|</nowiki>]]; F<nowiki>W</nowiki>S It is no
temp @playground
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syntax created. Page Saved. Then converted to [[|]] [[|:wiki:syntax]] ---- 2. Link to :... index:site_inx created.**\\ ** Converted to [[|]] before
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of duplicating. For instance: 1), 3), 7) See [[| ]] fckgLite needs to know if your users are cr... lities you can go to the Gnu aspell web site at [[|]] and download the required packages, which come with installation ins
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ions on how to install manually, see Dokuwiki's [[ copyright under the GPL version 2 license. See [[|]] for the full text of the... ise statement of what this license entails read [[|http://www.dokuwik
m_lists @docs:examples
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**Melodie's List** * [[|Présentation de PCLinuxOS]] * [[|Télécharger PCLinuxOS]] * ... * Autres méthodes * Tester et installer[[|PCLinuxOS]] * PCLinuxOS et le Matériel * Vos[[|
interne_naar_externe_link @nl
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a is opgeslagen en dan geconverteerd naar <nowiki> </nowiki> [[|:wiki:syntax ]] ---- 2. Li... nx'' is aangemaakt.\\ Geconverteerd naar <nowiki></nowiki> voor dat de pagina opgeslagen is. [[|:index:site_inx ]] ===== Hoe
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created. Page Saved. Then converted to <nowiki></nowiki> [[|:wiki:syntax]] ---- 2. Lin... te_inx'' created.**\\ ** Converted to <nowiki></nowiki> before saving page. [[|:index:site_inx]] ===== How To
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playground_2 @playground
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plugins @nl
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playground_1 @playground
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link_test @playground
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fckglite_safe @removed
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sneltoetsen @nl
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dailies @removed
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fckl_changes_2011.001 @removed
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examples @playground
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auto_install @docs
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upgrade_5 @docs
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