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bestand_verkenner @nl
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rden via een pop-up menu gekoppeld aan de interne link werkbalk item. In de FCKeditor worden deze facili... e ten behoeve van Dokuwiki. Deze zijn de beeld en link dialogen alsook de bestandsverkenner. De werkbalk knoppen die de link en beeld dialogen activeren zijn volgende bekende... =media_1.png|{{ :media_1.png?91x27 }}]] ===== Link Dialoog ===== De link dialoog heeft 3 velden wa
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to accommodate Dokuwiki. These are the image and link dialogs and the file browser. The toolbar buttons which activate the link and image dialogs are the familiar Dokuwiki icons: {{ :media_1.png?91x27 }} ===== Link Dialog ===== The link dialog has three fields, two of which are drop-down menus. {{
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go to the [[:media|filebrowser]] page. ==== The Link Tool ==== For instructions on using the Link dialog, see [[:media#link_dialog|filebrowser]], and the section on [[:features#removing_links|editing l... appear at the bottom of your page but it will not link to the footnoted place in your text. However, yo
handleiding @nl
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op de [[:nl:bestand_verkenner|]] pagina. ==== De Link Tool ==== In de [[:nl:bestand_verkenner|]] pagina wordt het gebruik van de link dialoog uitgelegd alsook in het hoofdstuk [[:nl:h... ot tekst wordt onderaan de pagina getoond maar de link naar de voetnoot in de tekst komt niet mee. Je ka... aak je een dokuwiki-stijl handtekening: een email link met de gebruikersnaam en datum. — //__[[mturner@m
interne_naar_externe_link @nl
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====== Interne Link naar Externe Link Converteren ====== De interne link kan zowel voor als na dat de pagina opgeslagen is geconverteerd wo... auzeert zal je zien dat de url gewijzigd is. 1. Link naar '':wiki:syntax'' is aangemaakt. De pagina
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====== Convert Internal to External Link ====== {{tag>links}} The internal lnk can be converted both be... ment, you will see that the url has changed. 1. Link to '':wiki:syntax'' created. Page Saved. Then c...|:wiki:syntax]] ---- 2. Link to '':index:site_inx'' created.**\\ ** Conver... x]] ===== How To ===== ==== 1. Create Internal Link ==== {{ :playground:original.png?410x254 }}
test_long @playground
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\\ { name: 'links', items : [ 'Link','Unlink' ] },\\ { name: 'styles', items : [ ... BidiRtl' ] },\\ { name: 'links', items : [ 'Link','Unlink','Anchor' ] },\\ { name: 'insert', ... ileBrowserMove: "Move",\\ InternalLink: "internal link",\\ InternalMedia: "internal media",\\ MediaFileLink: "link to media file",\\ SMBLabel: "Samba Share",\\ GetH
temp @playground
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====== Revising Internal Link ====== 1. Link to :wiki:syntax created. Page Saved. Then converted to [[|:wiki:syntax]] ---- 2. Link to ::index:site_inx created.**\\ ** Converted... ] ===== How To ===== ==== 1. Create Internal Link ==== {{ :playground:original.png?410x254 }}
fckl_changes_2011.001 @removed
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_editorarea.css) to match dokuwiki's handling of link display. This required outputting matching classes from fck_link.js, which results in matching link colors and link icons in the FCKeditor. **31 Jan 2011** * Added CSS for editing area emai
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| |**2.** |[[#conf_1|guest_media]] Guest Can Link to Media Files|true| | |**3.** |[[#conf_1|ope... guests to have access to the toolbars and to the link and image tools. However, guests cannot upload, u... oad files to the server by means of the image and link tools. However, they will still be able to view t... ugh symbolic links in fckeditor/userstyles, which link to data/media. This option gives direct access t
videos @docs
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This flash video demonstrates using the cgkedit link browser for creating an internal link to a page which has not yet been created. Notice that the new page is created in the current namespace. {{:docs:internal_link.flv|:docs:internal_link.flv}}
auto_install @docs
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mmand line. For instance, to create the ''file'' link and have it point to your media directory, you wo... <code> mklink /D "path\to\data\media" "path\to\link\name" </code> For instance: <code> mklink /D ... s since Windows uses a different kind of symbolic link. ==== Force symlink creation ==== To force fc
link_test @playground
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zip|}} {{|}} {{ :playground:edit_link.png?308x190 }} {{ :playground:original.png?300x186 }}
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tgz}} You can download the manual using the .tgz link or by right-clicking on the .epub link and selecting "Save as. . ". If you are using Firefox and have t... EPUBReader installed, you can click on the .epub link to begin viewing the manual from you browser. If
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ist Return", IncreaseIndent : "Nested List", // Link Dialog DlgLnkTypeInternal : "DokuWiki internal link", DlgLnkTypeMime : "Non-DokuWiki Internal Files", ... ile : "Please enter a file name for your internal link", DlgnLnkMsgQSErr : "Malformed Query String
ckgedit_config @playground
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playground_2 @playground
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upgrade_6_2 @docs
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nl @nl
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veel_gestelde_vragen @nl
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playground_1 @playground
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dailies @removed
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upgrade_5 @docs
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switch @removed
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examples @playground
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werkbalk @nl
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