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access file from fckg/fckeditor/userfiles to data/media. See the section of this document below which giv... ath]]. ==== Using a Direct Path to dokuwiki/data/media ==== **Two Paths Required**: absolute and rela... e complete path from the Drive Letter to the data/media directory. On unix systems it starts at the root ... your DokuWiki is installed and refers to the data/media directory: wiki/data/ media/. You replace 'wiki'
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eys flash samba security}} In Dokuwiki uploading media files to the server and inserting images and external media urls are handled by the media manager; in addition, internal links can be set from a pop-up menu attache... ge dialogs are the familiar Dokuwiki icons: {{ :media_1.png?91x27 }} ===== Link Dialog ===== The l
bestand_verkenner @nl
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alogen ===== In Dokuwiki worden het opladen van media bestanden naar de server, invoegen van beelden en externe media urls behandeld in de media manager. Als extra kunnen interne links geselecteerd worden via een pop-up me... ://|{{ :media_1.png?91x27 }}]]
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ar to Guests|true| | |**2.** |[[#conf_1|guest_media]] Guest Can Link to Media Files|true| | |**3.** |[[#conf_1|open_upload]] Guests can upload|false| ... l still be able to view the contents of your data/media directories. {{anchor:conf_4}} **4**. A comma de... makes it possible to access data<nowiki>\</nowiki>media through fckg<nowiki>\</nowiki>fckeditor<nowiki>\<
auto_install @docs
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file are symlinks which point to ''dokuwiki/data/media''. {{ :docs:filebrowser.png?518x82 }} ~~COM... wser is set up to directly access ''dokuwiki/data/media''. {{ :docs:win_filebrowser.png?nolink&333x79... four symlinks: ''file'', ''flash'', ''image'', ''media''. They must all point to the ''data/media'' directory. ==== Linux/Unix systems ==== In Unix-typ
ckgedit_config @playground
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ar]] |Display Toolbar to Guests |true | |[[#guest_media|guest_media]] |Guest Can Link to Media Files |true | |[[#open_upload|open_upload]] |Guests can upload |false | |[[#d... e |false | |[[#nix_style|nix_style]] |Access data/media via userfiles (Windows) |false | |[[#no_symlinks|
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arms. ===== Instructions ===== You must create a media directory which your animal will access instead o... s'' directory, which gives ckgedit access to data/media. Every animal requires its own directory to access its media files. Like ''userfiles'' these directories will ... directories you must create links to their actual media directories. You need at least three links named
test_long @playground
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Link: "internal link",\\ InternalMedia: "internal media",\\ MediaFileLink: "link to media file",\\ SMBLabel: "Samba Share",\\ GetHeadingsLabel: 'Get Headings' ... Link: "internal link",\\ InternalMedia: "internal media",\\ MediaFileLink: "link to media file",\\ SMBLabel: "Samba Share",\\ GetHeadingsLabel: 'Get Headings'
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ons on using the image file browser, go to the [[:media|filebrowser]] page. ==== The Link Tool ==== For instructions on using the Link dialog, see [[:media#link_dialog|filebrowser]], and the section on [[:... For a tutorial on using the file browser and the link and image tools, see the [[:media|media]] page.
upgrade_6_2 @docs
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e for the file browser. See the discussions of [[:media#security_and_the_media_directory|security]] and of [[:media#moving_files|moving ]] files. Also, the [[:fckl_changes_2011#febru
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to a new version of fckgLite. It will delete the media directory. :!: Note: While this was supposed to ... kgLite on Ubuntu with Rincewind still deletes the media directory. ==== Browser Compatibility ==== User... t create symlinks from fckeditor/userfiles to the media directory in the moved directory. This is true fo
fckl_changes_2011.001 @removed
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enting indexing. The security version secures the media directory from all requests except requests for i... ble on the web site on the page describing the [[:media|filebrowser]]. **9 Feb 2011** * Created ... to allow users with upload permission to delete media files. The default is to allow users with upload
handleiding @nl
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n de rechterkant. [[:cover.png?id=nl:handleiding&media=cover.png|{{ :wiki:dokuwiki-128.png?nolink&128x1... ace ===== [[:nl:ui_buttons.png?id=nl:handleiding&media=nl:ui_buttons.png|{{ :nl:nl_ui_buttons.png?nolin... omtrent het gebruik van de bestand verkenner en de afbeelding tools zie [[:nl:bestand_verkenner|media]]
m_lists @docs:examples
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arger PCLinuxOS]] * [[:docs:upgrade_6|Créer un media d'installation]] * Sur CD ou DVD * Su... harger PCLinuxOS]] * [[:configuration|Créer un media d'installation]] * hello from pcLinuxOS *
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ectFlash: "Flash", DlgFileBrowserResSelectMedia: "Media", DlgFileBrowserResSelectImage: "Image", DlgFileB
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item_1 @news
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multi1 @news
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filebrowser @ditaa
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win_filebrowser @ditaa
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upgrade_5 @docs
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