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fckl_changes_2011.001 @removed
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ly brackets to nowiki entity replacements in edit.php _preprocess() * Upgraded Immutable Plugin fea... ks which multiplied backslash characters (in edit.php: chars:) **5 Jan 2011** * Added fonts plugin to FCKeditor, tied into syntax plugin font.php. User can set font, size, weight with plugin and ... es. The plugin's text can be edited in situ. edit.php parser has been upgraded to handle the font tag a
test_long @playground
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\\\\ ckedit_path + "dwsmileys.php", \\ function(data,status) { \\...\\ ckedit_path + "get_version.php",\\ function (data,status) { \\ if(status == "suc... is disabled. Check editor/filemanager/connectors/php/config.php', \\ FileBrowserError_Command: 'Unsupported command: ',\\ FileBrowserError_Type: 'Invalid
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in /fckg/fckeditor/editor/filemanager/connectors/php and is named config.php. The problems encountered in setting up the file browser almost always relat... ix-style with forward slashes. **Note:** The PHP programming language requires two backslashes to ... nfiguring for [[
dailies @removed
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d add the snippet name. \\ For instance: ''geshi: php tmp.php'' \\ - There is a footnote tool similar to the one in fckgLite. But footnotes still can also... or 4.5.1. See the [[|installation]] ins... en you want to switch back to fckgLite. {{anchor:php_53}} * Requires Angua or later (i.e. distribut
switch @removed
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ove distributions. Then, in the template's main.php, you must include the file which contains both the javascript and the php which creates and activates this list. The file ... ould best be included in the head section of main.php. <code> <?php if(file_exists(DOKU_PLUGIN .'ckgedit/scripts/switch_tpl.php')) { incl
ie9_ff6 @docs
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dge,chrome=1" /><![endif]--> : : <?php tpl_metaheaders() ?> <!-- fckgLite sets the comp... e the positions of the two: <code> <head> <?php tpl_metaheaders() ?> <!-- fckgLite sets the comp... .** above. However, here you can also alter main.php. Near the top of main.php, you will find the following declaration: <file> <!DOCTYPE html> </file
handleiding @nl
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ga je naar [[|syntax]]. Deze pagina geeft de syn... ele pagina [[|originele syntax]] die bij ve... ckgLite de [[|citaat markering]] ni... sten op de [[|dailies]] pagina. Met deze distributie
entities @docs
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th the format illustrated below, and then run the php script ents_seri.php Name your definitions file add.ent Then at the command line type: <code> php ents_seri.php </code> Alternatively, you can give your entity definition file any name you want and
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he file: * fckg/fckeditor/is_aspellWindows.php That file also contains the default location f... action/lang the name of which has the form <lang>.php. So English is en.php, German de.php, etc. Use en.php as your template. The labels are defined in an array named $fckg_lan
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th the format illustrated below, and then run the php script ents_seri.php. You do this in the directory fckg/action/entities. Name your definitions fil... d.ent Then at the command line type: <code> php ents_seri.php </code> Alternatively, you can give your entity definition file any name you want and
veel_gestelde_vragen @nl
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uit de lijst te verwijderen. ==== ==== ===== PHP in Code Blok ===== <file> <?php foreach($list as $plugin) { if(preg_match('/fckg_dwplugin/',$pl... de code hierboven in een Geshi code blok. <code php> if(!empty($indices)) { foreach($indice... n. Zie ook [[|configuratie opties.]] ==== =
bestand_verkenner @nl
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[[|{{ :media_1.png?91x27... k een verboden toegang bericht. Door middel van php scripts die geen gebruik maken van directe URL to... dverkenner [[|bestandverkenner installa... kenner zie [[|installatie bestand verke
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move an item by removing it from the list. ===== PHP in Code Block ===== <file> <?php foreach($list as $plugin) { if(preg_match('/fckg_dwplugin/',$plu... e of the above code in a Geshi code block. <code php> if(!empty($indices)) { foreach($indice... on which Dokuwiki is installed - The web server (apache or something else). - The php version \\
plugins @nl
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gin zie [[|playground]] ===== Inf... dule ^Changes ^Lines/function ^Status | | syntax.php | minor bug fix | 235 | ready | [[handleidin
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see the [[|playground page]] on my ... 009 ===== ^Module ^Changes ^Lines/function ^Status | | syntax.php |minor bug fix |235 |ready | \\
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m_lists @docs:examples
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item_1 @news
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item_1 @news:multi
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font_tool_2 @playground
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upgrade_5 @docs
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sneltoetsen @nl
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examples @playground
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multi1 @news
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