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=== Plugins ==== Beginning with version 03 most plugin syntax is handled by the editor, and nothing special has to be done. For most plugins, the plugin syntax has to be 'escaped', otherwise the FCKeditor will permanently embed the output of the plugin into the page after the page has been saved. The ... removed on saving. See the page on the [[:docs:plugin_editor|editing plugins]]. In some plugins the s
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=== Plugins ==== Vanaf versie 03 wordt de meeste plugin syntax verwerkt door de tekstverwerker zonder dat... oet gedaan worden. Voor de meeste plugins moet de plugin syntax 'ge-escaped' worden anders wordt het resultaat van de plugin door de FCKeditor permanent opgeslagen in de pagi... worden verwijderd bij opslag. Zie bewerken [[:nl:plugin_toepassen|]]. In sommige plugins wordt syntax ge
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n edit.php _preprocess() * Upgraded Immutable Plugin feature: (1) immutable plugins now keep their HTML formats and (2) they can be edited in the plugin tool's editor, either the content or the raw plugin syntax. * Also added fckg_font plugin to fckg/syntax, which enables setting of font family, size, and
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=data;\\ }\\ else config.ckgEditorVer = "Dokuwiki plugin: ckgedit"; \\ },\\ 'html'\\ );\\ }\... .lang['default']['fontassist'] = {\\ Title: 'Font Plugin Editor',\\ ToolTip: 'Check and Revise Font Stylin... ew and optionally alter text styled with the font plugin .',\\ SelectColor : ' Select Color',\\ SelectedTe... \\ 'This tool works with the font plugin and is used to update the font plugin%%\%%'s synt
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g name is now ''fckg''. If you go to the fckgLite plugin page at, you will find yourself redirected to the ''fckg'' plugin page. ==== Some notes: ==== - To create geshi ... font style attributes. There is a ''fontAssist'' plugin which lets the user check and revise font styling... For illustrations, see [[|font_styling ]]on the ckge
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otnote ID and click \"Load Note in Editor\"", // Plugin Tool Abbr : "Plugin", AbbrBtn : "Insert Syntax Plugin", AbbrDlgTitle : "Insert Syntax Plugin Name", AbbrDlgHLCreate : "<b>Create a Plugin</b>", AbbrDlgHLSte
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kijken klik je op "Toon broncode".** ===== color plugin ===== <color blue/yellow>blue on yellow</color>... ue on yellow</color></nowiki> | |Een interessante plugin om de cel achtergrondkleur in een tabel te beheren is [[|cellbg ]]. De volledige cel achtergrond wo... opmaak. |@#6495ed: Ligne 1 | \\ ===== note plugin ===== ==== Met gebruik making van de plugin too
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. Current usage is the [[|ckgedit]] plugin. ==== ckgedit ==== fckgLite has been superceded by ckgedit, which upgrades fro... gedit, see the ckgedit [[|plugin]] pages on ===== Installing and Upgrading ===== The current version of fc
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['Undo','Redo','RemoveFormat', '-','Table' ],\\ ['Plugin_Tool', 'Delete_P' ],['FitWindow'],\\ ['Link','Unl... Code Block ===== <file> <?php foreach($list as $plugin) { if(preg_match('/fckg_dwplugin/',$plugin)) continue; $plugin = 'plugin_' . $plugin; $indices = array_keys($data, $plugin); if(empty($ind
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yellow>blue on yellow</color></nowiki>| |A useful plugin for table cell background colors is [[|cellbg]]. It fills the entire cell with a... MPLEX_TABLES~~ ===== note ===== ==== Using the plugin tool ==== <plugin title="note" >~<~note tip~>~Don't Forget To Save Your String~<~/note~>~</plugin> <
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Undo','Redo','RemoveFormat', '-','Table' ], \\ ['Plugin_Tool', 'Delete_P' ],['FitWindow'],\\ ['Link','Un... ode Blok ===== <file> <?php foreach($list as $plugin) { if(preg_match('/fckg_dwplugin/',$plugin)) continue; $plugin = 'plugin_' . $plugin; $indices = array_keys($data, $plugin); if(empty($ind
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====== Editing a Plugin ====== {{tag>plugins}} For this demonstration we will use the tag plugin. If you enter: <code> {{tag>books cds videos}... using more complex syntax, edit the syntax in the plugin editor. - Highlight the plugin syntax - Click on the plugin tool (see the [[:features#the_plug
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====== Using dokuwiki's plugin manager to install fckglite ====== {{tag>install configuration linux wind... mber 24 2011, can be installed using the Dokuwiki Plugin Manager. If you have previously used a manual install for fckgLite, the Plugin Manager may not be able to install a new instance... sion to the files and directories of the fckgLite plugin. ~~COMPLEX_TABLES~~ ===== Background ===== =
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===== Plugin toepassen ===== Als voorbeeld gebruiken we de tag plugin. Wanneer je volgende code ingeeft: <code> {{t... gs}} </code> Of bewerk je complexe syntax in de plugin tekstverwerker. - Markeer de plugin syntax - Klik op de plugin tool - Vink “bewerk syntax p
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uwiki markup. See the [[:features#plugins_and_the_plugin_tool|features]] page for additional details. {{a... file. We have found that certain labels for the plugin tool do not appear in the selected language but i... s happens, you can create a language file for the plugin tool. This file goes in the plugin tool's language directory, which is fckg/fckeditor/editor/plugins/plu
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