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Toolbar ===== {{tag>toolbar tables lists geshi plugins links footnotes language image links chrome safar... old_nested_lists|Old Nested Lists Buttons]] ==== Plugins ==== Beginning with version 03 most plugin synt... tor, and nothing special has to be done. For most plugins, the plugin syntax has to be 'escaped', otherwise... ee the page on the [[:docs:plugin_editor|editing plugins]]. In some plugins the syntax will contain char
handleiding @nl
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te_lijst_iconen|oude geneste lijst iconen]] ==== Plugins ==== Vanaf versie 03 wordt de meeste plugin synt... iets speciaal moet gedaan worden. Voor de meeste plugins moet de plugin syntax 'ge-escaped' worden anders ... e bewerken [[:nl:plugin_toepassen|]]. In sommige plugins wordt syntax gebruikt waarbij bepaalde tekens han... opgeslagen was plugin editor === Onveranderbare Plugins === In de configuratie instellingen van de Dokuw
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plates filebrowser entities linux windows smileys plugins scayt symlinks}} **fckgLite** has several config... ts can upload|false| | |**4.** |[[#conf_4|xcl_plugins]] Immutable Syntax plugins|fckg_dwplugin|01.02-09-Dec_24-10_49| |**5.** |[[#conf_5|default_fb]] Default ... {anchor:conf_4}} **4**. A comma delimited list of plugins the output of which is meant to become a permanen
fckl_changes_2011.001 @removed
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Upgraded Immutable Plugin feature: (1) immutable plugins now keep their HTML formats and (2) they can b... gin to the permanent list of excluded (immutable) plugins in edit.php get_plugins(). * Removed new lines from immutable plugin texts when edited in plugin tool ... exes, when creating plugin string in edit.php get_plugins(). They are not needed for fckgLite's plugin reco
test_long @playground
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dow.location.protocol +'//' + top.dokuBase + 'lib/plugins/ckgedit/ckeditor/';\\ config.doku_url = window.lo... dow.location.protocol +'//' + top.dokuBase + 'lib/plugins/ckgedit/ckeditor/';\\ config.jquery = top.jQuery;... dow.location.protocol +'//' + top.dokuBase + 'lib/plugins/ckgedit/ckeditor/';\\ config.doku_url = window.lo... dow.location.protocol +'//' + top.dokuBase + 'lib/plugins/ckgedit/ckeditor/';\\ config.jquery = top.jQuery;
plugins @nl
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====== Plugins ====== **Om de syntax voor deze plugins te bekijken klik je op "Toon broncode".** ===== color plugin ==... rken moet deze geplaatst worden in onveranderbare plugins in het configuratie beheer. Om het te laten werke... eze plugin niet in de lijst van de onveranderbare plugins is opgenomen wordt de syntax opgenomen in het bes
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====== Plugins ====== {{tag>plugins}} **To see the syntax for these plugins, click the “Show Pagesource” button.** ===== color ===== <co... work, it must be placed in the list of immutable plugins in configuration manager. To get it to work, you
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ake a change to the toolbar? ===== {{tag>toolbar plugins escapes code-blocks geshi smileys spacing}} \\ Y... ley menu: {{ r image: {{ lso find the version in the version file found in plugins/fckg/ ===== Firefox 3.6 Windows ===== There is
auto_install @docs
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is set up to access <code> dokuwiki/lib/plugins/fckg/fckeditor/userfiles/image dokuwiki/lib/plugins/fckg/fckeditor/userfiles/file </code> where ima... ink /D "C:\dokuwiki\data\media" "C:\dokuwiki\lib\plugins\fckg\fckeditor\userfiles\file" </code> The quot
dailies @removed
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me. - There is a new method for handling syntax plugins which is hopefully more flexible than fckgLite's.... ns. As side benefit is that it seems to work with plugins that were incompatible with the previous table ha... me. - There is a new method for handling syntax plugins which is hopefully more flexible than fckgLite's.
veel_gestelde_vragen @nl
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ley menu: {{ elding: {{ februari 2010 at 9:28. In het versie bestand in plugins/fckg/ vindt je de versie nummer eveneens. =====
plugin_editor @docs
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====== Editing a Plugin ====== {{tag>plugins}} For this demonstration we will use the tag plugin. If ... editor is not infallible; there are just too many plugins with too many syntactical variations. So when ed
nl @nl
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l:plugin_toepassen|plugin_toepassen]] * [[:nl:plugins|plugins]] * [[:nl:sneltoetsen|sneltoetsen]] * [[:nl:tabel_context_menu|tabel_context_menu]] *
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es directory: * /var/www/html/dwfck_dev/lib/plugins/fckg/fckeditor/userfiles/ * /dwfck_dev/lib/plugins/fckg/fckeditor/userfiles/ To utilize this configu
upgrade_6 @docs
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oes not appear, you will have to extract into the plugins/fckg directory. ==== Download Information ====
upgrade_5 @docs
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upgrade_6_2 @docs
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plugin_toepassen @nl
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