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view the compatibility of fckgLite with Dokuwiki, see the [[:wiki:syntax|wiki:syntax]] page. It repres... at fckgLite supports. For comparison purposes, to see what it does not support, see the [[:wiki:syntax_orig|original syntax]] page which comes as default wi... ?id=toolbar|toolbar page]]. To edit the tool bar see the [[:faq#how_do_i_make_a_change_to_the_toolbar|
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n_01-10_35| |**7.** |[[#conf_7|CSRF]] (removed, see note)|false|02.03-Jan_16-09_53, 03.03| |**8.** ... tely open wiki, where anyone can edit and upload.(See below “What is a guest?”) If “Display Toolbar t... es to plugins which use standard Dokuwiki markup. See the [[:features#plugins_and_the_plugin_tool|featu... file have been successfully created in userfiles. See the [[:docs:auto_install|auto install]] document.
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but for more complete information about ckgedit, see the ckgedit [[ detailed instructions on how to install manually, see Dokuwiki's [[ sers may want to consult the auto install page to see how the auto install feature might be used on Win... rs of IE 9+ require IE compatibility adjustments. See the document on [[:docs:ie9_ff6|browser compatibi
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markup; the Link dialog is not really necessary (see the "Creating Email Links" on the [[:features#cre... === Removing Links and Creating Email Links ==== See [[:features#removing_links|:features]] ===== Fil... m any page for which a user has read permission. See the discussion of security on Dokuwiki's [[http:/... tly. For more information about image alignment, see the [[:features#image_alignment|features page]].
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styling. That is, it opens a window where you can see what the current styling looks like and lets you ... n be inserted into the editor. For illustrations, see [[ t language, and to have it automatically enabled. See the [[:configuration|]] page. ==== Earlier Disti... kuwiki distros Angua or later) For instructions, see [[:farms|]] {{anchor:useheading}} **All current
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} </code> For more details on Geshi code blocks see the [[:features#geshi_code_blocks_and_downloadabl... when the document is saved the new URL is saved. See the [[:configuration|configuration options]]. ==... g like this: <b>bold</b> face or <i>italics</i> See [[:features#html_conflicts|html_conflicts]] on th... ape the tags as described there or use monospace (see [[:faq#monspace|below]] ). ==== Code Blocks ====
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sts" - The file browser seems to work but you see no files, and the directories appear to be empty.... file from fckg/fckeditor/userfiles to data/media. See the section of this document below which gives mo... links to shares using that same mklink command. See these documents for possible further help: ... the Command Prompt window, run as administrator. See [[:docs:auto_install#windows_systems|windows_syst
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ting area email and fixed url for mediafile icon (See 30 Jan). * Cleaned up some extraneous coding ... te event handler. Previously fckgLite checked to see if there was a page temmplate to be processed for current $ID but it did not check to see if the template event handler had prevented norma... tion safe_convert in edit.php. A check is done to see whether the new post_indicator version is in plac
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articularly when these appear in syntax plugins. See the Changes for 11 [[:fckl_changes_2010#oct_2010|... :fckl_changes_2010#dec_2010|December]] 2010; also see the [[:faq#html_and_dokuwiki_escapes|faq]]. *... * Improved security scheme for the file browser. See the discussions of [[:media#security_and_the_medi
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bben. All rights reserved.\\ %%*%% For licensing, see LICENSE.html or\\ %%*... bben. All rights reserved.\\ %%*%% For licensing, see LICENSE.html or\\ %%*... bben. All rights reserved.\\ %%*%% For licensing, see LICENSE.html or\\ %%*
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After the page is saved and re-opened, you will see: <code> { {tag>books cds videos} } </code> No... the plugin syntax - Click on the plugin tool (see the [[:features#the_plugin_tool|features page]])
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n will create a newline, used for single-spacing. See [[:features#paragraph_to_line-break_tool|paragrap... the CTRL key and clicking on the trash can icon. See [[:media#moving_files|moving_files.]] There is
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American English | |[[#smiley_hack|smiley_hack]] |See note |false | |[[#complex_tables|complex_tables]]... view the contents of your data/media directories. See also [[#guest_toolbar|guest_toolbar]] ---- === d
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====== Plugins ====== {{tag>plugins}} **To see the syntax for these plugins, click the “Show Pagesourc... ==== For a demo of the the complex wrap plugin see the [[
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ies what kind of block is involved, code or file. See the [[:faq#code_block_hack_for_ie|Code block hack... when re-loading a file after it had been saved. See the code block at the bottom of this page ([[:doc
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