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fckl_changes_2011.001 @removed
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m butting from up against intial table markup and so interfering with first row of table **2 Feb 201... d of PRE tag before sending HTML to FCKeditor, so that code blocks that come at end of page do not ... **3 Mar 2011** * Fixed 'dwedit_ns' option so that it works with nice urls. **24 Mar 2011** ... ent to fckg directory and upgraded fck_about.html so that it automatically inserts correct copyright
7 Hits, Last modified:
s well. The code looks only for partial matches. So if you have "jack", it will find "blackjack" and ... ng this option will override the default behavior so that the Dokuwiki text-based editor will have pri... ive style sheet is named ''fck_editorarea.css''. So, if you are using the 'default' template, then yo... /lang the name of which has the form <lang>.php. So English is en.php, German de.php, etc. Use
5 Hits, Last modified:
text box and click OK. This 'escapes' the syntax so that the editor will not embed the output perman... the number 1 on it. This will hide the footnotes, so that your text will be free of the footnote text;... or the <body> tag without manually escaping them. So, here, in this sentence, I have escaped both <htm... en saved, DokuWiki places an image inside a link, so that when you click on the image you are directed
upgrade_5 @docs
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= {{tag>paste}} - Fixed Paste from Word tool so that it handles both MS Word and Excel texts. ... - Automated OS detection for the aspell binary, so that correct binary is called for either Windows ... L in file uploads. - Fixed link dialog window so that it displays the complete dialog in Ubuntu an
3 Hits, Last modified:
log, the link text will be the same as the URL. So, if you create a link to <nowiki>:wiki:syntax</no... e upload permission for the playground directory, so there are no trash cans beside the file names. B... s an 'insert into document' button, a convenience so that you don't have to scroll back down if you de
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ly recognized and escaped by the fckgLite parser. So you can type in something like this: <b>bold</b>... between two pairs of these escapes will be lost; so if you are going to have only one pair on your pa... en them will be gobbled up into a single string. So this: * ''%''''%'' one * two * three ''%'
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ctories will be located in ''ckgedit/fckeditor''. So if you have animals cat and dog, then you will ha... nf['animal'] ='cat'; </code> ===== Issues ===== So far, only one issue has arisen, the text names fo
switch @removed
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se two enhanced versions enable editor switching, so that it is possible for both editors to be instal
ckgedit_config @playground
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ditor. The code looks only for partial matches. So if you have "jack", it will find "blackjack" and
plugin_editor @docs
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ny plugins with too many syntactical variations. So when editing complex plugin syntax, you should al
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are already included in the language js files // so they should be edited rather than added to the fi
stats @docs
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s page shows only one IP address (usually Google) so as to maintain the privacy of other users. -
auto_install @docs
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nstallation of fckgLite or change the permissions so that the web server has write permission to the f
ie9_ff6 @docs
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button shortens the height of the editing window, so the best solution in these cases is to start with
item_1 @news:multi
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ng this option will override the default behavior so that the Dokuwiki text-based editor will have pri
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item_1 @news
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upgrade_6_2 @docs
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multi1 @news
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