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test_long @playground
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['default']['footnote'] = {\\ FootNoteInfo: '<div style="padding: 18px;font-size:125%;line-height:125%;">'+\\ '<ul style="list-style-type:disc;"><li>To create a footnote enter the footnote text into the editing box and click ... lors : 'Background Colors', \\ InfoText : '<div style="max-width:400px; font-size: 12pt; white-space: p
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s to be done. ~~COMPLEX_TABLES~~ ==== Windows Style Configuration for Linux ==== If you are using a... Windows system the Absolute Path uses the Windows style with back-slashes, while the relative path uses the Unix-style with forward slashes. **Note:** The PHP prog... ive to the document root. This must use the Unix style path, even on a Windows system, i.e. single forwa
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</nowiki><nowiki>*</nowiki><nowiki>\</nowiki>.png&style=table&sort=mtime''}''''}'' It is sometimes nec... r, the plugin tool can edit plugins that use HTML-style markup, as in the color plugin: <nowiki><color re... and these are plugins which generally affect text style. Plugins that use the DIV work on larger blocks ... s either normal or bold, and the face is the font style of your choice. The face can be a comma separate
upgrade_5 @docs
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reflecting their functions more accurately, the Style menu has been re-named "Headers" and the "Format"... he class attribute for non-parsed blocks from the Style menu, which is what identifies what kind of block... vents the parser from escaping them with Dokuwiki-style percent signs and threfore breaking the code. He... in the filelist plugin and below it the Dokuwiki-style escape: <file> {{filelist>temp:\*\.txt&style=ta
dailies @removed
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fckgLite's. - ckgedit uses the CKEditor's font style tools as the basis for setting font style attributes. There is a ''fontAssist'' plugin which lets the u... uctions. </code> {{filelist>ckeditor:ckgEdit-c*& style=table& tableheader=1& tableshowsize=1& sort=mtime... fckgLite's. - ckgedit uses the CKEditor's font style tools as the basis for setting font style attribu
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false|from May 7 2011| |**15.** |[[#conf_15|nix_style]]|false|from Nov 24 2011| |**16** |[[#conf_16|n... led as ''default''. **fckgLite** comes with two style sheets for the editor, one for the 'dokuwik'i tem... area.css.dokuwiki_template The currently active style sheet is named ''fck_editorarea.css''. So, if yo... ck_editorarea.css''. The same goes for any other style sheet which you might want to implement for a thi
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HtmlCode' ],\\ ['Rule', 'Smiley', 'SpecialChar', 'Style'], [],['fonts'],\\ ['Cut','Copy','Paste','PasteTe... nward, selecting NPB (i.e. Code) or File from the Style menu in IE will produce a valid Code block. To cr... or back into the block and once again go to the **Style** menu and select File. You will get a normal Fi... onspace ==== You can select monospace from the **Style** menu to escape HTML : ''<b>bold</b>'' This fe
ckgedit_config @playground
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ser login id is case insensitive |false | |[[#nix_style|nix_style]] |Access data/media via userfiles (Windows) |false | |[[#no_symlinks|no_symlinks]] |Disable a... oth USER and user, set this to true. ---- === nix_style === For Windows Servers (Vista and Later). This s
archive_dist @removed
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07 ===== {{filelist>temp:arc:07std:fckgLite-07*& style=table& tableheader=1& tableshowsize=1& sort=mtime... n 06 or later. {{filelist>temp:arc:fckgLite-06*&style=table&tableheader=1&tableshowsize=1&sort=mtime&ch... (2011-04-22). {{filelist>temp:arc:fckgLiteSafe*&style=table&tableheader=1&tableshowsize=1&sort=mtime&ch
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ther details. It is also possible to use the unix style set-up for the filebrowser. It is also possible to set the [[configuration#conf_15|nix_style]] configuration option to ''true''. Also see [[:
fckglite_safe @removed
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afe system produces more managable names than url-style names. This, for instance, is the url-style encoding for つを指定されたデ: <nowiki>%E3%81%A4%E3%82%92%E6%8C%87
auto_install @docs
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configuration options. - **plugin»fckg»nix_style**: For Windows Servers (Vista and Later). This s... possible for Windows installations to use the nix-style filebrowser installation. The second of these is
switch @removed
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t Explorer. {{filelist>ckeditor:ckgEdit-switch*&style=table&tableheader=1&tableshowsize=1&sort=mtime& c... ngelog=1}} {{filelist>ckeditor:fckgLite-switch*&style=table&tableheader=1&tableshowsize=1&sort=mtime& c
dist @archive
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06 or later. {{filelist>:temp:arc:fckgLite-06*&style=table&tableheader=1&tableshowsize=1&sort=mtime&ch... (2011-04-22). {{filelist>:temp:arc:fckgLiteSafe*&style=table&tableheader=1&tableshowsize=1&sort=mtime&ch
fckl_changes_2011.001 @removed
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ed code blocks containing MULTI_PLUGIN (uses old style "< " and " >' instead of<nowiki> &</nowiki>lt; and<nowiki> &</nowiki>gt; for html-style elements. * Added flash icon to FCKeditor
veel_gestelde_vragen @nl
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font_tool_2 @playground
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werkbalk @nl
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