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~~stoggle_buttons~~ ===== Syntax compatibility ===== To view the compatibility of fckgLite with Dokuwiki, see the [[:wiki:syntax|wiki:syntax]] page. It represents all of the syntax that fckgLite supports. For comparison purposes, to see what it
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===== Syntax compatibiliteit ===== Om de syntax compatibiliteit van fckgLite met Dokuwiki te bekijken ga je naar [[|syntax]]. Deze pagina geeft de syntax weer die door fckgLite ondersteund wordt. Om te kunnen vergelijken,
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ugin and is used to update the font plugin%%\%%'s syntax and/or view its enclosed text. ' +\\ 'Clicking anywhere on the plugin syntax or its text will enable you to check the appearan... .'+\\ '<br /><br />You can also update the plugin syntax in place. To do this you must select both the font syntax itself and the enclosed text:' +\\ '<p style="tex
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in Dokuwiki getoond als [[|external links]]. Dit is een link naar a... bestanden herkennen en converteren naar volgende syntax: * <nowiki>S</nowiki>WF naamruimte:swf_best... wiki>W</nowiki>S werken volgens de basis Dokuwiki syntax markering. De flash video kan je positioneren doo... e gebruiken in geen van beide gevallen. Je kan de syntax direct in je document intikken. === Interne Lin
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e what Dokuwiki sees as [[|external links]], that is, links to addr... parser will recognize these files and convert the syntax to this form: * <nowiki>S</nowiki>WF namespa... for either of the two cases. You can enter this syntax directly into your document. </news> === Conver... URL. So, if you create a link to <nowiki>:wiki:syntax</nowiki>, you will get [[:wiki:syntax|:wiki:synta
fckl_changes_2011.001 @removed
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ol's editor, either the content or the raw plugin syntax. * Also added fckg_font plugin to fckg/syntax, which enables setting of font family, size, and weight... * Added fonts plugin to FCKeditor, tied into syntax plugin font.php. User can set font, size, weight ... to handle the font tag and create the font plugin syntax, which is what is saved to the DW file. Added ad
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is and when you save the page again, the correct syntax will be restored. If you want to add more tags,... ngs}} </code> Or, if you are using more complex syntax, edit the syntax in the plugin editor. - Highlight the plugin syntax - Click on the plugin tool (see the [[:featu
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aat de code zoals ze is. Bij het opslaan wordt de syntax correct weggeschreven. Wil je meer tags toevoeg... ds videos songs}} </code> Of bewerk je complexe syntax in de plugin tekstverwerker. - Markeer de plugin syntax - Klik op de plugin tool - Vink “bewerk syntax plugin” aan - Wijzig de code. \\ De plugin
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==== Plugins ====== {{tag>plugins}} **To see the syntax for these plugins, click the “Show Pagesource” bu... o. Without placing it in the immutable list, the syntax will remain in the file and a new table will be recreated each time you go to edit. This is the syntax: <file> ~~CLOG~~ </file> ===== 29 Nov 2009 ===== ^Module ^Changes ^Lines/function ^Status | | syntax.php |minor bug fix |235 |ready | \\
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ill can also be created using the native Dokuwiki syntax, text enclosed in double parentheses:<nowiki> (</... in Chrome. - There is a new method for handling syntax plugins which is hopefully more flexible than fck... ill can also be created using the native Dokuwiki syntax, text enclosed in double parentheses:<nowiki> (</... in Chrome. - There is a new method for handling syntax plugins which is hopefully more flexible than fck
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====== Plugins ====== **Om de syntax voor deze plugins te bekijken klik je op "Toon broncode".** ===== ... n de onveranderbare plugins is opgenomen wordt de syntax opgenomen in het bestand waardoor de tabel telken... uw aangemaakt wordt als je de pagina bewerkt De syntax is: <file> ~~CLOG~~ </file> ===== 29 Nov 2009 ... = ^Module ^Changes ^Lines/function ^Status | | syntax.php | minor bug fix | 235 | ready | [[handle
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tween nowiki tags. See [[|]]. When a text is placed between nowiki tags and loaded bac... displayed. ==== nowiki, percent escapes, plugin syntax ==== This is primarily for developers. Versions
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ngesloten is. Zie ook:[[| ]]. Als een tekst tussen nowiki tags geplaatst is en terug... nd worden. ==== nowiki, percent escapes, plugin syntax ==== Dit is hoofdzakelijk voor ontwikkelaars. F
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Abbr : "Plugin", AbbrBtn : "Insert Syntax Plugin", AbbrDlgTitle : "Insert Syntax Plugin Name", AbbrDlgHLCreate : "<b>Create a Plugin</b>", AbbrD... brDlgSelectFirst : "You have to select the plugin syntax first!", DlgNotAvail : "Deprecated. No
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Revising Internal Link ====== 1. Link to :wiki:syntax created. Page Saved. Then converted to [[http:/... Lite]] [[|:wiki:syntax]] ---- 2. Link to ::index:site_inx created.*
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