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aq]]. ==== Image alignment ==== Images and the text which surrounds them can be aligned using the “Im... image, if it has already been inserted into your text. There are five options in the drop-down 'Align... }}{{:ol_ins.png?23x23 }} And you can position text to the right side of your images. The text will wrap around the image and return to the left-hand marg
test_long @playground
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isc;"><li>To create a footnote enter the footnote text into the editing box and click OK</li>'+\\ '<li>T... create and edit footnotes.',\\ Label_1 :'Footnote Text (required)',\\ Label_2: 'Footnote Id: ',\\ LoadBu... le : 'Footnote Dialog',\\ Validate: 'The footnote text field cannot be empty.',\\ \\ };\\ CKEDITOR.lang[... tyling',\\ MainHeader: 'View and optionally alter text styled with the font plugin .',\\ SelectColor : '
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enter 790px> <WRAP left 190px> floating image and text (with some more floating image and text and floating image and text and floating image and text and floating image and text and floating image and text and floating image
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he way to achieve the best result is to type your text into a plain text editor and then copy and paste the text into the code block. ==== Geshi ==== Here is a piece of the a... menu. They will initially be inserted as Dokuwiki text markup. But they will appear as images in the bro
fckl_changes_2011.001 @removed
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with plugin and edit these features. The plugin's text can be edited in situ. edit.php parser has been u... ity, which removes the font tag which formats the text. * Added the fckg_font plugin to the permanen... fonts plugin tool which caused tool to fail when text was not selected in Safaris and Chrome. * Add... lugin tool: in raw syntax mode the edited HTML text is now inserted in place in the FCKeditor, wherea
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dialog and type the address in the ''SMB Share'' text-box: <nowiki>%</nowiki>server<nowiki>\</nowiki>sh... n ''namespace_1'' and enter ''new_file'' into the text box, fckgLite will create a link to '':namespace_... ==== Links have two parts, the URL and the link text. When you create a link with the link dialog, the link text will be the same as the URL. So, if you create
ckgedit_config @playground
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r access to "DW Edit" button |all | |[[#smiley_as_text|smiley_as_text]] |Display Douwiki smileys as text in editor |false | |[[#editor_bak|editor_bak]] |Save backup on Refre... e_notes|duplicate_notes]] |Enable notes with same text |false | |[[#winstyle|winstyle]] |Direct access t
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both before and after a page has been saved. The text will remain the same; but if you run you mouse over the text and pause for a moment, you will see that the url... ny type of link, the underlying link and the link text that appears on the page are separate from one another. You can always edit the text and the underlyng link will not change. Similarl
lists_font @docs
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* <font 9pt:normal/auto;;#FF00CC;;inherit >This text is red</font> * <font 9pt:normal/auto;;#3366FF;;inherit >This text is blue</font> * <font 9pt:normal/auto;;#00CC33;;inherit >This text is green</font> * <font 9pt:normal/auto;;#996600;;inherit >This text is red</font> * <font 9pt:normal/auto;;#A5DBE
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for uploading. It cannot insert images into your text.", DlgImgHelp : "<b>Image Alignment</b> The align property will place your images in text contexts as illustrated in the preview box. It ca... haracter or Enter an entity number or code in the text box, test it and then click insert", DlgSpecialTe... Editor", DlgFootnoteExplaination : "Use the text area for both creating and revising your footnote
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3_10-Apr-12-08_49| |**9.** |[[#conf_9|smiley_as_text]]|false|from 8 May 2010| |**10.** |[[#conf_10|e... window. At the initial insertion, they appear as text but after the first save they appear as images. S... will cause Dokuwiki smileys always to show up as text in the editing window. They will of course still ... rences on a single line and displays the footnote text only once, instead of duplicating. For instance:
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also be created using the native Dokuwiki syntax, text enclosed in double parentheses:<nowiki> (</nowiki>(footnote text here<nowiki>)</nowiki>). - If you have been usi... also be created using the native Dokuwiki syntax, text enclosed in double parentheses:<nowiki> (</nowiki>(footnote text here<nowiki>)</nowiki>). - If you have been usi
upgrade_5 @docs
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and code blocks - ''Ctrl + m'' will set text selection to monospace. * A small change, ... have been copied from Excel into Word, where the text within the paragraphs contains newlines. - Re
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n heeft volgend formaat: <font size:weight/face;;text-color;;background-color>text</font> Deze opmaak wordt opgeslagen in het Dokuwiki bestand. De grootte k
table_context @docs
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e Cell properties dialog enables you to align the text content in the cell, as well as to set the Cell T
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