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configuration|configuration]]. ===== What is the Version Number? ===== The fckgLite version is found by clicking on the question mark icon in the toolbar and then... the 'About fckgLiteā€¯ tab. This will tell you the version you are using and its date. For instance 06-10-Feb_25-09_28, which is version 06 created on Feb 25 2010 at 9:28. You can also
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ian ubuntu tables scayt ckgedit ckeditor}} ===== Version 9 ===== The trial version 9 of fckgLite has been discontinued. The purpose of version 9 was to bring fckgLite into conformity with Doku... == ===== ====== Archive ====== <code> ===== Version 07 ===== </code> Version 07 upgrades from versio
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\ }\\ \\ config.ckgEditorVer;\\ var get_ckgeditor_version = function() {\\\\ ckedit_path + "get_version.php",\\ function (data,status) { \\ if(status == ... e=yes,scrollbars=yes,left=20';\\ \\ get_ckgeditor_version(); \\ \\ // config.removeButtons = 'Underline,S... \ }\\ \\ config.ckgEditorVer;\\ var get_ckgeditor_version = function() {\\\\ ckedit_pat
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===== Installing and Upgrading ===== The current version of fckgLite can be installed using the plugin man... ers. **Important Caution** \\ If you are using a version of Dokuwiki dated before April 2011 (Anteater or ... nager's deletion function when upgrading to a new version of fckgLite. It will delete the media directory. ... === Users of Firefox 6 and IE 9 require fckgLite version 06 or later. Also, users of IE 9+ require IE comp
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sts Buttons]] ==== Plugins ==== Beginning with version 03 most plugin syntax is handled by the editor, a... he hidden markup. **Note:** Beginning with version 06 of fckgLite, the options marked deprecated abo... listings in the [[:dailies#complex_tables_upgrade_version_07|:dailies]] page. With this distribution much o... ways be parsed using the table handling. - In version 08 of fckgLite, if the ''Enable Complex Tables ''
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6 Hits, Last modified: and one named The open version is the default. It allows through all http requests, while preventing indexing. The security version secures the media directory from all requests except requests for images. In the open version security is achieved by creating secure directori... utomatically inserts correct copyright year from version info. ===== April 2011 ===== **3 Apr 2011**
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ctory names Here the numeric prefix is 03. Each version of fckgLite is designated by it own version number. The current version number is 04. Each of the three formats is known by its prefix followed by the version number. They are currently 0.04, 02.04, and 03.0
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iscontinued and is no longer available.** ===== Version 07 ===== {{filelist>temp:arc:07std:fckgLite-07*&... tableshowsize=1& sort=mtime& changelog=1}} ===== Version 06 ===== For rincewind (2011-04-22) use version 06. For versions of Dokuwiki post-Rincewind, you //must// use fckgLite Version 06 or later. {{filelist>temp:arc:fckgLite-06*&s
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====== fckgLite Version 05 ====== **Version 05** eliminates the earlier three-fold distribution system. Now there is only a sin... l of the features described on this page. ====== Version 05 Features, Upgrades, and Fixes ====== ===== G... er more user friendly. - Introduced updated version of the spellchecker which fixes unrecoverable er
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you are using IE 11 or later, then you must use a version of ckgedit which is based on a version of the CKEditor that is 4.3 or later. This version of ckgedit also updates the file browser to accommodate... which IE identifies itself. You can download this version of ckgedit from [[
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~~NOTOC~~ ====== Archive ====== ===== Version 06 ===== For rincewind (2011-04-22) use version 06. For versions of Dokuwiki post-Rincewind, you //must// use fckgLite Version 06 or later. {{filelist>:temp:arc:fckgLite-06*&... ize=1&sort=mtime&changelog=1}} ===== fckgLiteSafe Version 05 ===== For use with versions of Dokuwiki prior
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efers to a file system protocol, not to a 'safer' version of fckgLite.</note> As of Oct 31 2010 the **dai... fe.tgz}} This distribution is always a current version, though a more recent version may appear in the list of dailies below.
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====== fckgLite version 6 ====== {{tag>windows anteater}} With the upgrade to **fckgLite 6**, there will be only a single version of fckgLite, based on fckgLiteSafe. fckgLiteSa... n_09-08_42.tgz|:06:fckglite-06.12-jun_09-08_42.tgz}} \\ This is the final distribution of Version 06.
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====== fckgLite version 6 ====== With the upgrade to fckgLite 6, there will be only a single version of fckgLite, based on fckgLiteSafe. fckgLiteSa... ty in handling of internal links, consistent with version 05 of [[:fckglite_safe#fckglitesafe_enhanced_file
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ES~~ ===== Configuring the File Browser ===== Version 0.02 and all subsequent packages include an auto-... the [[:fckglite_lang_interface|English language]] version of this file for your template. === RTL Support
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