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 <​table ​ cellpading="​8"​ width="​75%">​ <​table ​ cellpading="​8"​ width="​75%">​
 <​tr><​td align="​left">​ <​tr><​td align="​left">​
-The inspiration for <​b>​htmlOK</​b>​ is a project I have in mindwhere artists will use the Wiki as a field in which to create web projectsI myself am a visual and new media artist ​I'​ve been using computers in and for my work for almost 20 years and have been programming for even longerWhen the first web browser came out in 1994 (<​U>​Mosaic</​U>​)I was bowled overand I've been working with the Internet and the web ever since Every year or so I seem to complete another web piece. My most recent was  exhibited in February 2006 in the <href = "​http://​​gatepages/​february06.shtml"​  +Lorem ipsum dolor sit ametconsectetur adipiscing elitCurabitur eu elit sed turpis tincidunt malesuada at nec nullaDonec vel feugiat lacusNunc condimentum ullamcorper risusid tristique elit aliquam vitae. Morbi a risus tincidunt, mollis sem sedegestas nislCras dui eu justo pulvinar feugiat nec quis augueUt ornare, ex posuere convallis, justo sem congue lacus, vel pellentesque turpis augue elitPellentesque finibus, magna eget suscipit blandit, nunc massa lobortis eros, eu venenatis ipsum augue viverra tortorMorbi malesuada, tellus quis aliquet venenatis, turpis elit faucibus lorem, at vestibulum metus est non lacusEtiam velit diam, faucibus sit amet pretium elementum, consectetur ut magnaCurabitur scelerisque blandit erosnon luctus ligula pharetra eget.
-style="​color:#​3333cc;">​artport series</a> of the Whitney Museum of American Art and was nominated for  +
-<a href="​http://​​2006/​content/​main.php" style="​color:#​3333cc;"​ +
->Viper International Award</​a>​  While I occasionally earn a few dollars writing software and doing some sysadminI am essentially a self-taught hacker.+
 </​td></​tr>​ </​td></​tr>​
 <​tr><​td>​ <​tr><​td>​
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