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Installing htmlOKay

Downloading htmlOKay

htmlOKay can be downloaded from:

It can be installed in the plugins directory using the download manager. It can also be installed directly into the plugins directory. Save it to lib/plugins and issue the following command from the command line:

     tar -xzf htmlOKay.tar.gz

The end result will be the directory structure and files shown in the following section on Directory Structure.

Directory Structure

Directory File(s) Comments
htmlOKay action.php initializes current session
syntax.php enforces access levels
style.css some styles for the admin panel
admin.php script for the administration panel
directory_scan-3.php script for ajax calls from admin panel
script.js javascript for admin panel
htmlOKay/conf default.php internal
metadata.php internal
htmlOKay/conf/access data directory for access control files
get_inf.php administrator's script for inspecting access control files
htmlOKay/lang/en intro.txt internal
settings.php internal
lang.php internal

Setup and Configuration


1. Make sure that the directory plugins/htmlOKay/conf/access is writable by DokuWiki. This should work with the same permissions and ownership settings as the data directory and the conf directory.

2. Open the Access Manager from the Administration page and set up your permissions.


There is currently one option setting in the Dokuwiki Configuration Manager under HtmlOKay Plugin Settings:

  • Check off this box if you are installing a custom error button for display of HTML errors.

For details on the custom errors buttons and how to install one, see the section Show Errors Button on the access violations page.

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