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  • [Jun 22 2007] Display level
    Where an access level of su (level 4) was in effect for a namespace, the display level showed up as L (level 3).
    This has been corrected.
  • [Oct 12 2007] Unrestricted Super User access
    In a separate version at, the su user can now have unrestricted HTML usage by ticking off the 'Unrestricted Super User“ box in the Configuration Mananger.
  • [Nov 23 2007]
    1. Fixed regular expression for H1-H5 headers
      Changed regular expression from /<h(\d)>/ to /<h(\d)>.*?</\%%1>/. Original version elided sequences of H headers, so that if two or more different headers occurred in a row, all would be rewritten as the first in the sequence.
    2. Effectively merged the two versions of htmlOKay–all versions now support unrestricted super user access.
  • [Jan 23 2014]
    1. Changed false values in conf/default.php to 0's, to conform to changes in Binky.
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