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 +====== htmlOKay plugin ======
 +The **htmlOKay** plugin enables DokuWiki administrators to set permissions on HTML access, so that designated users and groups may use HTML in their pages. There are four sets of permissions or '​access levels',​ enabling administrators to control the type and extent of access that any particular user or group may have to HTML techniques. This documentation contains the following pages:
 +   * [[:​htmlok|Access Levels]]
 +  *  [[:​administration|Access Manager]]
 +      * [[http://​​htmlOKay/​doku.php.htm|Sample Copy of Access Manager]]
 +  * [[:​html:​access:​violations|Access level violations]]
 +  * Sample Page Processed at Different HTML Access Levels
 +      * [[:​html:​level_3:​clicking|Level "​L"​]]
 +      * [[:​html:​level_2:​clicking|Level "​M"​]]
 +      * [[:​html:​level_1:​clicking|Level "​H"​]]
 +      * [[http://​​htmlOKay/​LEVEL-2.htm|Sample Page with Top of Page Errors Window]]
 +  * [[:​installation|Installing htmlOKay]]
 +  * Download: [[https://​​turnermm/​htmlOKay/​archive/​|github]] \\  **Note:​** ​ All versions of htmlOKay now support unrestricted super user access.
 +  * [[:​notes:​changelog|Changelog]]
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